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I Love My House Rabbit Posts

Look, But Don’t Touch!! – Josephine’s Story

Article contributed by: Jeanmarie Short

I adopted Josephine from my local SPCA approximately three years ago. She is a beautiful white dwarf rabbit with stunning blue eyes. She was labelled a “biter” and in my opinion, a rabbit that would be hard to adopt out. This was a no brainer for me; this was the rabbit for me. When she was removed from her kennel to be placed in my cage, she began growling, grunting and lunging at the animal handler, and she eventually bit the woman before she made it into my cage.

How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

Article contributed by:  Phyllis O'Beollain

Losing a pet is traumatic; no less traumatic than losing a human friend or family member. It is important to have ways to express and deal with your grief. Children have even less resources for dealing with their feelings of loss, so it is up to you as the adult to help them express their grief in creative ways that are age- and skillsappropriate.

February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit” Month

Article contributed by:  Phyllis O'Beollain

February is ‘adopt a rescued rabbit month’ Why a rabbit? Rabbits are quiet, very clean, and don’t require annual vaccinations (they do require an annual checkup). They don’t require daily walks, they won't go after the postal carrier, they will use a litter box, and they are comforting, soothing friends.

As with any pet, you need to do thorough research on bunny basics to make sure a house rabbit is the right pet for you (rabbits are generally not good pets for younger children, as rabbits do not generally like being held and a rabbit's spine can be very severely damaged from being improperly held).

DIY Cardboard Tunnel and Ball Rabbit Toy

Article Contributed by:  Rebecca Marie Steinmetz

Hello bunny lovers! We all know how expensive toys can be so today is two very inexpensive DIYs. I will be explaining how to make two ​simple DIYs in under t​ wenty minutes that your bunnies will love. This tutorial will be ideal for bunnies who love the chew on cardboard or love to burrow. This tutorial will make a cardboard ball and a tunnel. Let's jump right into this tutorial!

Kissed a Bunn (“I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry Song Parody)

Guest Post By: Brenda Arsenault

Kissed a Bunn

(“I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry song parody)

This was not what I planned
when I went in the shelter,
I saw cute bunnies everywhere
Lost my discretion
It's not what, I'm used to
Just wanna take you home
I'm curious about you
You caught my attention

I kissed a bunn and I liked it
The feel of the silky soft fur
I kissed a bunn just to try it
I hope my kitty-cat don't mind it
They felt so soft

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your House Rabbit – Holidays 2016

House Rabbit Gift Idea #1

Standing Christmas Tree House Rabbit Toy

Rabbit Christmas Tree Toy

Your rabbit will enjoy it's very own Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights"! The Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights" will look beautiful in your bunnies home on Christmas Eve! Completely safe and chewable, this toy allows your bunny to celebrate the holidays with you! Measures approx. 6" high

Click Here to Buy on Amazon
Click Here to Buy at


House Rabbit Gift Idea #2

Meadow Grass Toy Ball

Meadow Grass Rabbit Toy Ball

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Rabbit Lovers – 2016 Holiday Season

Rabbit Lover Gift Idea #1

Lina & Lily Cute Rabbit Bunny Print Infinity Scarf


This rabbit print infinity scarf is very comfortable to wear, soft and adds perfection to your clothing.  You can prefer wearing the scarf either every day to work or on special occasions.  And a scarf is a great way to add style to your outfit.  Mix it up and make it different with our delicate scarf.

Click Here to Buy on Amazon


Rabbit Lover Gift Idea #2

Bunny Family- Die Cut Vinyl Window Decal


Made in USA!  

2016 Halloween Rabbit Photo Contest Voting

And the winners are…..

First Place:  #3
Second Place: #11
Third Place: #1

Thank you everyone for participating and for giving these bunnies so much love!


We received almost 100 submissions to our contest!  My photographer daughter and I narrowed it down to the top 12 finalists that you will see below.  All images were chosen based on our own taste.  We judged by creativity, beauty, cuteness, and composition.  

You may only vote once every 24 hours.  Get your friends and family in on the voting too!  If your bunny is a contestant be sure to invite your friends from Facebook, Twitter, etc to vote for you!!

Halloween Rabbit Photo Contest – 2016

Contest time!

We are giving away a gift certificates from to the cutest House Rabbit Halloween Photos! 

1st Place – $50 gift certificate
2nd Place – $25 gift certificate
3rd Place – $10 gift certificate

Check out the rules below and we look forward to receiving your pics!

1. Post your pictures to this FB event page:
. We will be accepting entries from now until end of the day Monday October 31st. 

Hope the Bunny – Rabbit Rescue Stories

From YouTube:

Meet Hope – a bunny who was given a second chance. In this heartwarming tale ofrags to riches, Hope the bunny escaped near death and is "hoppily" living with Amy in Massachusetts after she was rescued and nursed back to health by Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Foster, Rhode Island. This is the most successful "fosterfailure" yet!

Hope's before picture.  Watch the video to see the amazing trasformation!








Top 11 Best Gift Ideas for You and Your Rabbit – 2013 Holiday Season

Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #1


Crazy Christmas Tree Rabbit Toy

We decorate our own trees with ornaments that remind us of our favorite things, and many times the ornaments are simply miniature toys!

The Crazy Christmas Tree took this same idea and applied it to your bunnies favorite things, toys!  This toy is shaped like a Christmas tree with Rabbit Toy pieces tied with sisal all over.  Great for heavy chewers and to give your bunnies home a festive look during the holiday season!
Lola LOVES hers!!


How We Became a House Rabbit Family

Contributed by Theron Peck III

If you are going to consider adopting or rescuing a rabbit as a first time pet, please consider a few words of wisdom from our family as you consider this new pet. Rabbits are unique and provide a special kind of love which requires more care than you may think. I wish you the best for rescuing a bunny and allowing him or her to give you years of companionship.

Therapy Bun: Rabbits and PTSD

Contributed by Kiley McNeill

About 7-8% of Americans will be diagnosed with PTSD, 5.2 million people will be diagnosed with PTSD in any given year, and 10% of all women are diagnosed with PTSD compared to the 5% of men. I happen to be one of those statistics.

I have had issues with anxiety my whole life, but after a series of traumatic events took place my life began to fall apart. My daily routines went from focusing on getting to class, studying, doing my homework, and hanging out with my friends to wondering if I will be safe when I leave my apartment, will I be safe walking to my car after class, and wondering who I can and can’t trust. If anyone yelled or acted aggressively, even if they weren’t being serious, I would have a panic attach.

How to Train a Rabbit to Come When Called

Contributed by Barbara Russo

My rabbit Luke has a very spacious enclosure, or “rabitat,” as I like to call it. When I’m home, his door stays open, giving him full access to our living room and hallway. This part of my house is rabbit-proof and safe for him to hop about and explore. There is a lot of healthy, enriching  fun for him to discover here, including chew toys placed in almost every corner, furniture that he can jump upon, and boxes for him to cuddle in.

Bunnies on a Budget

Contributed by Elise Sommer

Changes to a families budget can happen at any time, and the last thing a responsible bunny parent wants to do is give up their favourite bun because they can’t afford to keep them anymore. Raising a rabbit can be as expensive as you let it be, but, truth be told, rabbits are not difficult creatures to keep happy. Here are some ways to save money while on a tight budget.


Adventures in Bunny Proofing

Contributed by Elise M.

Once upon a time, I had a nice house. I had baseboards, drywall, fine furniture and everything was nice and tidy. And then I got rabbits. A now, it’s all just a memory.

Despite copious amounts of internet research, no amount of bunny proofing seems to have saved my home from two little rabbits.  Who would have thought that they could outsmart us?

Our first bunny proofing methods were to keep our rabbits to a single room, minimize the damage. This worked fine until we discovered that our older bunny, Coffey, was protégé to Houdini, and could escape anything. And then would chew on everything and pee everywhere. It was…enlightening.

Christmas for Homeless Bunnies – 2013 Toys for Hops Drive

Donate Toys to Homeless Rabbits
and We'll MATCH Your Donation!

This year many rabbits will be enjoying Christmas with their families.  They will get gifts and lots of love and kisses on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately there will be many more bunnies sitting in rescues and shelters on Christmas morning with no family to love them.  These bunnies are very well taken care of by the rescues who saved them, but funds are tight and many times only the necessities can be provided. 

Donate Now!

Baskets for Bunnies has again decided that this Christmas season shelter bunnies should receive Christmas presents too.

When It’s Okay To Let Your Rabbit Go

Contributed by Christine Whetstone

Though I had grown up around multiple animals, Jessica was my first pet. I lived in a complex that didn’t allow animals so I needed something that was quiet and didn’t need to go outside, but still filled the void of not having four-footed creatures around. The moment I saw Jessica, I knew she had to be mine, and she did not disappoint. She would binky all over, play peek-a-boo behind the curtains, and enjoyed the breeze coming in from the balcony door. After a while, I decided she should have a friend, so Jake entered our lives via a bunny speed dating session.