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Month: November 2011

8 Lop Rabbits Dumped in Wellington NZ

Rabbits Rescued in WellingtonFrom the Wellington SPCA Website:

"Wellington SPCA received a call on Friday afternoon stating that several pet Lop-eared rabbits had been abandoned on Harris Road, Judgeford (on Haywards Hill).

A local resident was able to catch two by hand, and an inspector was able to catch another three on Friday evening to bring them into the Newtown centre. At least three more rabbits are still loose in the area, although humane traps have been left so these rabbits can be brought in and taken care of.

Pet Rabbit Saved from Drainage Pipe

The Bristol franchise business of Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage ( reacted quickly to an emergency call for help from a local family who had an unusual blockage in their drains.

As a result of the call, Frank Cole, Bob Munro and the team from Drain Doctor Bristol can now add ‘animal rescue’ to their list of services.

Late on a recent Sunday afternoon the team received a call from the father of a six-year-old girl whose prized pet Netherland dwarf rabbit Minni had gone missing. Frank thought that this was a strange call for an emergency plumbing and drain repair company.

Living with a House Rabbit – Poot the Dutch Rabbit

By Theron Peck

It is 5:20 am and the day is just beginning. Six short steps down from the second floor reveals a large living room with our Dutch rabbit eagerly awaiting our arrival. With hardwood floors and several rugs, this is the habitat and home for our house rabbit named Poot. Poot is normally sitting in a “loaf” mode under our coffee table with a direct view to the staircase. Upon our arrival, he becomes very excited and runs around the perimeter of the room which is also attached to a dining and kitchen area. After receiving a customary scratch on the head, he nudges our feet, demanding a forehead rubbing in front of the couch while we watch the morning news.

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For the Bunny Lover:  Stories Rabbits Tell

The $7.50 Rabbit That Changed My Life – Baskets for Bunnies Story

flopsy from baskets for bunniesBy: Gretta Parker

I was born to be Flopsy’s mom. I did not know that until a rainy Sunday afternoon on September 26th, 2010. I had stayed up late the night before, watching the 11pm news. They did a report on the amount of rabbits the local shelter had due to bunnies bought for Easter then abandoned when they become harder to care for. New to the area, I looked up the address; I discovered the shelter was nearby. I decided to go the next day and make a donation to help the former Easter bunnies.

Head Tilt in Rabbits – Pipkin’s Big Adventure

For Pipkin, it all started like a snuffles episode however new symptoms arose. Pipkin would be fine if he was sitting, but when he would periscope he started to wobble a little, as if there was a problem with his hind legs.

The veterinarian did not know exactly what was wrong with him because it could have been anything such as: e. cunniculi or a severe pastuerella infection; I was leaning toward an ear infection that arises in bunnies who have a history of snuffles. Our vet put Pipkin on medication and if the medication did not work we would try Baytril, and if nothing worked, our vet noted that we would have to consider euthanasia if his quality of life was severely affected – something I wanted to avoid because I had hope that Pipkin would recover.

Rabbit Bonding – How to Introduce Two Rabbits

To be successful at rabbit bonding, there are 3 rules which need be followed:

1. The best bonding pair is male and female

Out in the wild, rabbits will live in pairs of male/female and will at times remain with the same partner for their entire life. Every female (doe) will have her very own nesting burrow and the male (buck) will usually sleep with her there. This is the natural pairing for house rabbits also. Baby rabbits not yet established in a bonded pair tend to be  solitary, hanging around the outskirts of the warren.

Hammie the House Rabbit Hero: Update

Earlier this week we posted an article about Hammie the rabbit who rescued his young owner from a diabetic episode.  If you have not read teh story yet, check it out here: Hero House Rabbit

We asked everyone to share the story so we could get it on the news and it seems to have worked!  Check out this local news story about Hammie and his lucky owners:

Let's keep this going!  Share with your friends and family, local news agencies, etc to spread the word of this wonderful bunny! (please be patient, the video takes a few seconds to load)

Living with Bunnies Offers a Daily Occasion for Experiencing Awe

Freya the House BunnyBy Sarah Kleeb

I find that people who do not have the honor and joy of living with house rabbits (hereafter referred to exclusively as “bunnies”) often have difficulty understanding why those of us who do have such privileges are so emphatic about our bunny bliss.  There is just something about bunnies, I’m not sure how to put my finger on it, but there is something there that is really unique, really special.  I’m hoping this article will help me figure out exactly what that is, and that will also create a space for others to reflect on this as well.

The Sweetly Vigilant Bun – Hammie the Hero House Rabbit

Hammie the House Bunny HeroUPDATE:  Hammie is now famous!  Check out this great local news story about Hammie the Hero House Rabbit

By Aundrea Hudgens

We met Hammie at a rabbit adoption event in a local pet food store. He was a tiny little guy, a non-descript grey and brown with white feet.  Sadly, his mother had been dumped at a local beach with several other bunnies. Kind people found and transported them to the shelter.

House Rabbits or Outdoor Rabbits

The emphasis on this article is to encourage everyone with a pet rabbit to please bring your loving pet indoors. Having a house rabbit will provide you with much more enjoyment, while seeing all the wonderful, cute things house rabbits do in their daily lives, those things you miss when you leave your rabbit outdoors, but you will also prolong their lives, and give them a social life that they will enjoy profusely! The quality of life for you both will increase dramatically! You will be able to notice changes in your pet rabbit that need immediate vet attention, as opposed to visiting your rabbit every few days while they are in a hutch and suddenly seeing him lifeless.

Are You Considering Rabbit Health Insurance?

As with any pet, it is important to provide rabbits with proper healthcare. That is why some rabbit owners choose to purchase rabbit health insurance.

Insuring rabbits may have sounded silly in the past, but with the rising costs of emergency care and basic checkups, covering animals seems less and less farfetched. House rabbit ownership itself is not necessarily taxing: owners provide food, shelter, entertainment and care for their bunnies. But what happens if a pet has reoccurring illness? What if he cuts himself badly or develops a painful ear infection? When a rabbit needs to make an unexpected trip to the veterinarian, the costs of care and medication can add up quickly.