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Month: December 2011

Rescuing Mimi – A Rabbit Rescue Story

Mimi the French LopBy: Jodi Aker

I am a huge animal lover and have wanted a lop-eared bunny forever. As I had no bunny knowledge and have two very spoiled cats, I never thought it a good thing to actually get a bunny. That all changed last spring.

I am involved in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) of feral cats. One Sunday last spring I was returning a feral cat that had been spayed to her colony. As I carried the trap up to the door of the caretaker, I noticed a large hutch outside. As I approached the hutch, I saw a bunny sitting on wire that was so filled with feces and urine, the poor thing was sitting in it.  She had an old, rusty feeder filled with pellets and a dirty dog dish for water. She appeared to be terrified of me so I couldn’t get a good look at her.

Do-it-Yourself Bunny Rabbit Playground

By Rhea Brown (with the help of her sidekicks, Bailey and Logan)

If your rabbits are anything like mine, they love to play!  Your bunnies will absolutely love their very own playground made out of cardboard boxes and tubes.  This project is cheap and only takes a few minutes to construct.

-Two sturdy cardboard boxes (we used 24"x18"x18")
-One cardboard cement form tube, cut to any length you desire (ours is 8" diameter and 25” long, purchased from Home Depot)
-Writing utensil
-Piece of scrap paper/newspaper
-Sharp utility knife

Future Study of Rabbit Relinquishment

By Tasha Welch

My name is Tasha Welch, I am a 4th year BSc.H. Animal Biology student
at the University of Guelph. Over the past 3 months I have been
reviewing literature on the positive and negative implications of the
human – animal bond and discovered there is little research on rabbit
ownership and relinquishment. This lack of research, and my love for
rabbits, has inspired me to develop and conduct my own study in this

Tips on How to Check Your Rabbit’s Health


It is not that easy to care and to keep rabbits at home because apart from providing them quality shelter, you need to ensure they are healthy always.

Their well-being and health are vital because they are sensitive and delicate pets. They are prone to illness and they have the tendency to hide their diseases and illnesses as well. As a responsible pet owner, it is your duty to monitor and to observe them regularly to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Christmas Bunny Rabbit Picture Contest 2011

Voting has Ended!  Hundreds of people entered  to win either a $50, $25, or $10 gift certificate to and we narrowed it down to the top 10!  View the Winners below!


Christmas Bunny Contestant #1 – Milo

Rabbit Picture for Christmas

Christmas Bunny Contestant #1 – Milo

Milo came to us 5months ago as his current owener could no longer take care of him.  He was very thin as he needed a dental, didnt know his name and toileted all over my house.  5 months later he's neutered, had a dental and is a changed bunny.

What to Feed a Rabbit

Nurturing and feeding of your pet rabbit isn’t really that difficult to understand.  In the wild, rabbits are herbivores by nature.  Sticking as close to their instinctual diet as possible will help them maintain overall good health, including prevention of gastrointestinal maladies.   Making sure your rabbit maintains a diet rich in fiber and low in protein and empty starches will go a long way toward keeping your pet in tip-top shape.

Healthy Foods for Your Rabbit

Litter Training a Bunny

How to Litter Train Your BunnyLitter Training a Bunny

House rabbits make excellent pets for families and single folks alike.  They offer a lifetime of companionship and enjoyment, and ask very little in return.  All you need to do to make life with your bunny blissful is provide friendship, recreation, fresh clean bedding,  healthy food and, of course, love.

 Unlike house cats, your rabbit will need a bunny-specific litter.  Clay litter usually doesn’t work for rabbits, and in fact, can cause serious health problems.  Especially if you use clumping cat litter.

Litter Train with Ease

Toys for Hops – Christmas for Lonely Buns

Toys for Hops Christmas Rabbit Toy DonationUPDATE:

WOW!!  What a Successful Toy Drive!

In all we received $1580 in donations which resulted in us sending Toys for Hops $3160 worth of Rabbit Toys for Rescue Bunnies all across the United States!! 

Gretta has promised lots of pictures and wants to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity.  And of course, the bunnies thank you too 🙂

Here is the original post that spurred so many donations:

This year many rabbits will be enjoying Christmas with their families.  Not only that, they will get gifts and lots of love and kisses on Christmas morning.

Rabbit Fun – A Day in the Life of Bambi the Bunny

By: Sharon from UK

Today’s the day when the cleaning needs to be done all around the house, including Bambi’s room.

He doesn’t like my vacuum cleaner, because of the noise, so I have to put him outside in my garden for an hour or so whilst I clean. I closed the door behind me so he wouldn’t come in whilst I was cleaning.

In June of 2010 I Lost One of My Best Friends – A Story of Bunny Loss

Ramone the Dutch RabbitBy Heather Jackson


Ramone came into my life when I was a pregnant 18-year-old.  He came to me as a high school graduate present in May of 2001.   He was a beautiful black and white Dutch rabbit.  The name “Ramone” came from the punk band, The Ramones.  As a teenage punk rocker, of course I had to name my rabbit after an influential punk band.  So, Ramone, it was.