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Month: January 2012

Rabbit Bonding Problems – Brando and Casey

By:  Wendy Duffus

I have had the pleasure of living with rabbits since April, 1999. I came home with my first bun, Bunny, when all I had gone to the pet store for was bird seed, cat treats and fish food.

Over the years, I acquired a few more rabbits and at one point had 4, all bonded to each other. This made living with them all very easy as they were free-range, only being confined to one room at night – the room where their litter boxes, kibble and water dishes, hay rack and toys were all located. In 2010, I lost two of my buns, Blackie and Rex, to illness, 2 months apart. Anyone who has experienced loss of a dear pet knows the heart wrenching pain associated with their death. I thought I would never recover.

Winners! Pet Rabbit Toy Picture Contest

We are happy to announce our 2 Winners of the Pet Rabbit Toys Picture Contest!!


The first Winner is Rebecca M. and her Bunny "Boo".  Their picture won the drawing for the $50 Rabbit Toy Basket from Pet Rabbit Toys!

"This is our 4 month old, 'Boo'. She received this toy from her
'Grandma' for Christmas, along with the rest of the toys in the gift
basket. As soon as we set the basket out, she went for this one (Sisal Spider Toy).

My husband, I, and both of our buns, love your products!"

Beau: The Gentle Giant – Flemish Giant Rabbit

Picture of Flemish Giant GreyBy: Claire Reid

My name is Claire I am 23 years old and I have a Giant Flemish house rabbit named Beau. He is more of a dog than a rabbit, being that he is bigger than a domesticated house cat, and the fact that he demands to be petted.

I fell in love with him when I saw him at the bunny farm. He was so big, and only 3 months old! Beau loves to run around the house and play with his flinging toys. He absolutely loves Cheerios.

Review – Rabbits: Gentle Hearts Valiant Spirits

This easy-to-understand and intelligently written glimpse into the lives of house rabbits takes a new approach to shedding light on the lives of domesticated rabbits.  Stories of rescues will make even the most uninformed reader into an advocate for rabbits and the plight they suffer at the mercy of factory fur farms, meat farms, research institutes and laboratories.  These stories will tug at your heartstrings and outrage to the point of disgust, however, you will be inspired by the ultimate rescue of these bunnies at the hands of some noble and caring human beings. 

Thank You from Gretta Parker, Flopsy Parker, and

This past Christmas we held a Toy Drive for Gretta Parker and her organization "Baskets for Bunnies".  I would like to take this time to Thank You all on behalf of Gretta Parker, and all the rescues and bunnies in rescue that received their toy donations!

In all we received $1580 in donations which resulted in us sending Toys for Hops $3160 worth of Rabbit Toys for Rescue Bunnies all across the United States!!

If you would like to read more about our original toy drive, click here

Here is the list of Rescues that received the toy donations:

Pet Rabbit Toy Picture Contest 2012

Enter to Win one of two "Rabbit Toy Gift Baskets" Worth over $50!  PLUS receive a 20% off discount coupon just for entering!

Rabbit Toy Giveaway is holding a contest for the best pictures of bunnies playing with our toys!

These pictures help us show other bunny owners that rabbits DO like to play and really enjoy our line of rabbit toys!  And to thank you for entering the contest, you will instantly have access to a discount coupon for 20% off all items on our website!

Here's how the contest works:

Introducing Hershey the House Rabbit

By G.G. Hall

I have had pet rabbits now for about 9 years. They are all rescues and came from one situation or another where they were not living a great life. Several were actually found running around in neighborhoods, most likely either escapees or possibly dumped into the outdoors when their owners no longer wanted them.

About four years ago, I decided that there had to be a way to let people know about the good qualities of rabbits as pets. I was upset to hear so many sad stories about rabbits that had been abandoned or even neglected. I thought, “what if a rabbit wrote his autobiography- telling about his life and his home and perhaps how he had discovered a way to secretly explore it?”

Bunny Love: 10 Things We Like About Each Other

10 Things I Like About Bambi

1) He always cheers me up when I feel unhappy
2) He alerts me when I’m late with his meals
3) He always entertains me
4) He behaves himself when I hold him
5) He likes playing
6) If I’m watching TV he sometimes jumps on the sofa to see what I’m doing
7) He’s curious about everything
8) He always binkies when he goes in the garden
9) He gives me lots of licks
10) He lets me stroke him

10 Things Bambi Likes About Me

Indoor Rabbit Cages: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Bunny in an Indoor Rabbit CageSo you have a house rabbit and now want to know the best way to contain your bunny.  Many people allow their bunnies to run free range around the house 24/7.  But for some rabbit owners this is not practical for many reasons.

Below we will look at several different "cage" ideas and what is the best choice for you and your bunny.  Just remember, whatever cage you choose, you bunny MUST have several hours of exercise and social time everyday!



Common Health Problems for House Rabbits Part I

The list of health issues faced by mature bunnies and their owners may seem overwhelming to the novice.  However, some problems can be easily remedied at home, and avoided altogether by maintaining the proper diet, keeping a healthy environment, and taking care of your pet.  Once you’ve established a bond with your rabbit, care and concern will be second nature to you.