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Month: March 2012

Herman Cain Rabbit Ad Glorifies Animal Cruelty? (Video)

WARNING:  The video below contains implied graphic images of violence towards rabbits

At what point does implied animal abuse cross the line?  Herman Cain was a Republican candidate for the presidential run before pulling out last December.  While he has been quiet the last several months, this month he started to resurface with a series of ads with the intention of illustrating the dangers of "our economy on stimulus".  

Perhaps you remember the "Your brain on drugs" ads from the 80's?  Well it appears Herman has his own spin on the vintage commercial. Only this time, instead of using a lifeless egg, he is using live animals to make his point.

Whimsical Rabbit Paintings by Nakisha

Just found this video on YouTube.  It contains 101 paintings of rabbits by Nakisha.  You'll find these paintings to be whimsical with a very unique representation of the lagomorphs we love so much!  I enjoyed this video immensley and hope you do too!  If you would like to visit the artists website go to


Aging Gorilla Gets a Pet Bunny Named Panda

Just found this GREAT article about a gorilla and her pet bunny!  Just goes to show how the joy bunnies brings crosses species lines!

What do you think of this unlikely pair?  Leave your comments below!

Read the article from Daily Mail:


An elderly gorilla at a Pennsylvania zoo has a new companion: a bunny named Panda.

The Erie Zoo's gorilla, Samantha, has been without a full-time friend since the death of Rudy, a male gorilla, in 2005.
But officials say the 47-year-old western lowland gorilla is too old to be paired with another gorilla so they opted last month to introduce her to Panda, a Dutch rabbit, instead.

Toys for Rabbits – Some Ideas for You

Activity zone toys for rabbits

How to Pick Toys for Rabbits

House rabbits, like any pet, need to have regular mental stimulation and physical exercise to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted.  Rabbits are extremely playful pets and enjoy interacting with their human companions, and after all, you brought your house rabbit into your home to add enjoyment and quality to your life.  Why not play a little?


If you’ve been shopping for toys for rabbits that will interest your bunny, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There is certainly no shortage of trinkets to keep your friend entertained and interacting with his or her favorite toy-his human companion.  You’ll need to keep in mind that each toy, while whimsical in nature, serves a specific purpose in stimulating your house bunny.  When choosing the ideal toys for your house rabbit you’ll need to keep his or her unique personality in mind.  

Rescued “Easter” Bunnies – What You Can Do to Help

Easter Bunnies in a Cage

This year will be like many others before it.  With nostalgic intentions parents all over the US will buy "Easter" Bunnies for their kids.  They can't wait to see the look in Jr's face on Easter morning when a cute little bunny hops out of his Easter basket.

What they don't even think about is "How are we going to take care of this rabbit after Easter morning?"  They are unaware that keeping a rabbit as a pet is more complex and challenging than they could have ever expected.  They also fail to realize that, while their kids are excited to see the bunny on Easter morning, they will quickly forget about their new pet in favor of video games, tv, etc.