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Month: April 2012

Rabbit Grooming 101

By Kai B Gomez 

Rabbits, by nature are meticulous cleaners. Much like cats, they keep themselves clean by using their tongue. You can see them clean their face using their paws as washcloths moisten by their saliva. As social creatures, rabbits help groom each other's hard-to-reach areas.

While rabbits pretty much clean themselves, a good grooming from their person wouldn't hurt. In fact, it can help prevent health problems often gone unnoticed. It's a great bonding activity for you and your bun.

Beatrix Potter’s Rabbits – Bouncer Bunny and Peter Piper

14743512833_ffb28274ee_oMany people know Beatrix Potter by her famous story of Peter Rabbit who broke into Mr. McGregor's garden.

But few realize that Beatrix was a naturalist and true bunny lover!  The picture shown here is of Beatrix and her first rabbit "Benjamin Bouncer".  

Recently I looked into more of the history of Beatrix and her bunnies.  Here is what I found on Penguin's (book publisher) website:

"Benjamin Bouncer

Elegant Rabbit Proof Home

By Laura Edward

The previous article on rabbit proofing included some great tips.  The biggest was probably “don’t underestimate your bunny’s ability to get out of even the most secured pen or away from your watchful eye even for a moment.”  I have had some rabbit-proofing failures in my home.  For example, there have been a few dropped phone calls after the phone line had been sawed in two.  Also, my husband had to explain to the nice cable TV lady why some of the buttons on the remote were chewed down to nubs.   And I’ve even had a Playstation controller wire chomped through while actually playing a game.  

Rabbit Cafe’s in Japan – Bring Your Own Bunny

Can Rabbit Cafe's in Japan reduce stress and increase quality of life for Tokyo residents?

Over the past year Japan has seen a surgence in the number of "Rabbit Cafe's".  Much like Cat Cafe's, the Rabbit Cafe allows patrons to snuggle with a bunny even though they can not have one themselves.  Since most Japanese apartments do not allow pets, the citizens have resorted to cafe's where they can find the joy and relaxation only a pet can bring.

Watch the video below to experience a Rabbit Cafe yourself and learn the new meaning of BYOB!