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Month: May 2012

Video: Wild Rabbit Meets a Domestic Rabbit

This is a great video.  A wild rabbit decides to make friends and interact with a domestic bunny through a screen door!  It's pretty cool to see just how interested the wild bunny is in his domestic cousin!  Kind of reminds me of the story about the country mouse and city mouse 🙂  The video starts a little slow but the two start interacting at about 1:50

Rabbit Rescued During Hurricane Irene

Just a few minutes ago I read an excellent article about how a bunny found a home and a couple found love during Hurricane Irene last year.  The blog Bunny Slippers posted this story and I felt compelled to share it with you here.  If you want to read the full story on the Bunny Slippers blog, click here.  Below is an excerpt from their article:

Massive Rabbit Rescue Effort in California

Bunnies in Ontario California need help!  Caroline Charland of Bunny Bunch is reaching out for support in a massive rabbit rescue effort like she has never seen before.

From The Daily Bulletin:

"More than 200 domestic rabbits – some with broken limbs and missing ears – have been breeding in unsanitary conditions and have migrated to adjacent businesses.

'This is the largest rescue in California, if not one of the largest in the U.S.,' said Charland, the founder of Montclair-based Bunny Bunch.  Charland contends people have been dumping their domestic rabbits there for two decades.

Rabbit Obesity a Growing Trend

In our culture today most of us are struggling with our weight.  Since our pets live so close to us it is no wonder they are experiencing the same problems.  For the past several years dog and cat obesity has been widely recognized.  

The online newspaper Adelaide Now recently featured a vet in Australia that is trying to bring public attention to the issue of rabbit obesity.  And she has some unique solutions she's using in her practice!

The story from Adelaide Now:

"OVERFED rabbits are joining the ranks of the nation's obese pets and some are taking part in animal weight-loss programs to help shed excess fat.