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Month: June 2012

Stories Rabbits Tell: Review

Misconceptions About Rabbits Explained

We have come across many times where references to rabbits have been probed and in most of the occasions, society refers to rabbits in a negative way. However, in the book, “Stories Rabbits Tell” writers Susan Davis with Margo Demello has removed this misconception to a decent extent. She has brought out different aspects of the rabbits’ intrinsic qualities and created a unique opinion in the minds of her readers. She has strived to expose all the finer qualities of rabbits and usher in the changed notion of these animals as a intelligent creatures that deserve our respect.

Video: Stress Free Nail Trimming for Rabbits

Do you have a hard time trimming your bunnies nails?  If you have the patience the technique in the video below is a low stress way to both trim your buns nails and actually start click training your bun too!  Watch how excited the bun is at the beginning of the video, does your bunny get that excited about nail trimming time???


For more information about clicker training your bunny check out the book "Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit"

To find a great pair of clippers check these out on Amazon.


Realistic Rabbits in Children’s Literature

By Emily Allgeyer

Pat the Bunny is a children's classic.  But what if the bunny doesn't want to be patted?  My bunnies are writing a book called Stop Trying to Pat Me and Give Me a Craisin.

Children's books are loaded with bunny rabbits.  Some of them are anthropomorphized humans, some of them are bunny-esque and some of them are just plain silly.