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Month: August 2012

Goodbye to a Pet Bunny

Our pet bunny, Tinkle Toes, passed away this morning. Even though we were expecting his death, the reality of the inevitable did not diminish our sadness. Thankfully, our pet seemed to die peacefully in his sleep. We buried him in the forest this morning before CB had to go in for work.

Tinkle Toes was a small, black, Lionhead bunny. We got him when he was about six weeks old. CB went into the mall for new glasses and the pet store was right next door. The litter of bunnies was just too tempting and we both returned the next day to add another pet bunny to our household.

What is a Rabbit?


If you have a house rabbit there may be several behaviors you don't understand.  I found this video on YouTube that asks the question "What is a Rabbit" and answers it with an interesting discussion on wild rabbit anatomy and behavior.  Understanding these natural instincts and behaviors could help your rabbit live a happier life inside you home!  Watch the video here:


Homeless Man Saves Pet Rabbit from Liffey River in Ireland

How far would you go to save your bunny from a life threatening situation?  
The following news article is over a year old but I just recently found it.  I am amazed by the dedication of this man to his animals and the true love they share!

"John Byrne doesn’t claim to possess much in life — he has been homeless for more than two decades and has no job — but at least he has his pets, his beloved possessions: two dogs and Barney, his bunny.