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Month: September 2012

Working Rabbits in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Would you drive hours from home just to visit a store that employees rabbits?  Well it appears some people are going the distance to visit East by West in Eureka Springs AR.  Yume Tolle Leavell has been "employing" rabbits in her shop since 2000.  Read below for her unique story.
Excerpt from
"What puts East by West on the map: the rabbits are not just store mascots, but actually wait on customers at the counter. Leavell has trained them to give customers back their credit cards, give out change in dollar bills, and pass pens, packages and receipts. They take the items from her hand and, turning their heads, putting the items in front of the customer. And they are fast.

"Other stores have rabbits, but none of them work except mine," she said.

Rabbit Survey Results


Last week we had a survey for both our Rabbit Blog (this one) and our Rabbit Toy Website (see it here).

We had over 300 respondents and a TON of great ideas!  But before I give you some of the results of the survey and the winners of our Drawing and "The Best Idea", I would like to say a few things.

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  It always touches me that our customers and readers care enough to give us a helping hand when we ask for it.  We where really lost as to what direction we should be taking and the survey gave us a much clearer vision.  

Essential Oils – The Hidden Dangers For Well-Meaning Rabbit Lovers

As our country starts paying attention to organic products and natural healing, more and more people are learning about aromatherapy.  Rabbit owners by far pay much more attention to adverse affects of chemicals on their pets since rabbits are super sensitive.  

That is why I felt the need to share the article I found below.  While many of us are moving away from "man made chemicals", too many of us feel that the natural oils found in aromatherapy products are not harmful at all.  In fact, many times the opposite is true.