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Month: February 2013

Winner! “Bunny Lovers” Valentines Rabbit Picture Contest – 2013

First of all, I would like to apologize for the late announcement of the winner of this contest.  We had family things pop up and just could not spare the time to come back here and announce the winners when we should have.  I apologize to everyone for the delay.  These contests look easy but actually take a lot of time to put together and even to put together a "Winner" page.  This is why we do not have contests very often since we are an extremely busy family and still have to put food on the table 🙂

Voting Open! “Bunny Lovers” Valentines Rabbit Picture Contest – 2013

Voting is open!!

We received almost 100 bunny lover submissions to our contest and we narrowed that down to only 12 finalists!  The photos below are the 12 we have chosen.  I picked four, my husband picked four, and my 11 year old daughter picker her favorite four!.  All the finalists where chosen according to each of our own preferences so a wound up with a wide variety!  

“Bunny Lovers” Valentines Rabbit Picture Contest – 2013


Contest time!

We are giving away one of our Bunny Lovers Gift Basket with over $35.00 worth of toys to the "Cutest Couple" House Rabbit picture!  Get a great pic of your bunnies snuggling, playing, sleeping, etc and you could win!  Valentine's themed pics a plus but not required.

Check out the rules below and we look forward to receiving your pics!

1.  Post your pictures to our special "I Love My House Rabbit Photo Contest" Facebook page.  We will be accepting entries from now until end of the day Monday Feb 11th.  The link is below.