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8 Lop Rabbits Dumped in Wellington NZ

Rabbits Rescued in WellingtonFrom the Wellington SPCA Website:

"Wellington SPCA received a call on Friday afternoon stating that several pet Lop-eared rabbits had been abandoned on Harris Road, Judgeford (on Haywards Hill).

A local resident was able to catch two by hand, and an inspector was able to catch another three on Friday evening to bring them into the Newtown centre. At least three more rabbits are still loose in the area, although humane traps have been left so these rabbits can be brought in and taken care of.

“The six rabbits that were able to be caught are the lucky ones, there are at least two that remain at large and it scares me to think how they will cope in the wild,” says Senior Inspector Ben Lakomy.

“These are domestic rabbits that are used to having food and protection from predators provided to them, there is no doubt the two that remain in the bush will struggle to survive.”"

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