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How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

Article contributed by:  Phyllis O'Beollain

Losing a pet is traumatic; no less traumatic than losing a human friend or family member. It is important to have ways to express and deal with your grief. Children have even less resources for dealing with their feelings of loss, so it is up to you as the adult to help them express their grief in creative ways that are age- and skillsappropriate.

February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit” Month

Article contributed by:  Phyllis O'Beollain

February is ‘adopt a rescued rabbit month’ Why a rabbit? Rabbits are quiet, very clean, and don’t require annual vaccinations (they do require an annual checkup). They don’t require daily walks, they won't go after the postal carrier, they will use a litter box, and they are comforting, soothing friends.

As with any pet, you need to do thorough research on bunny basics to make sure a house rabbit is the right pet for you (rabbits are generally not good pets for younger children, as rabbits do not generally like being held and a rabbit's spine can be very severely damaged from being improperly held).

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