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Rabbit Proofing Your Home

Rabbits are social and curious critters by nature.   Your house rabbit will enjoy spending time with you and your family and will want to investigate the new surroundings at the every opportunity.  You should help to satisfy your friend’s curious nature, but do so in a rabbit friendly environment.  In other words, rabbit proofing your home is essential to ensure your pet’s safety and prevent damage to your belongings before bringing your new friend home to live.

Adventures in Bunny Proofing

Contributed by Elise M.

Once upon a time, I had a nice house. I had baseboards, drywall, fine furniture and everything was nice and tidy. And then I got rabbits. A now, it’s all just a memory.

Despite copious amounts of internet research, no amount of bunny proofing seems to have saved my home from two little rabbits.  Who would have thought that they could outsmart us?

Our first bunny proofing methods were to keep our rabbits to a single room, minimize the damage. This worked fine until we discovered that our older bunny, Coffey, was protégé to Houdini, and could escape anything. And then would chew on everything and pee everywhere. It was…enlightening.

Are Rabbit Cages Cruel?

Are rabbit cages cruel?   I know that I will most likely get some very strong opinions about this from rabbit owners all across the world.  However, it is time we sit down and have a candid conversation about this subject.

First of all I want to be very, very clear.  This article doesn't have anything to do with the issue of whether a rabbit should be living outside in a tiny hutch.  The name of this website is "I love my house rabbit" and I think we can all agree that if you are going to bring a rabbit into your family, it is best to have it inside.

Elegant Rabbit Proof Home

By Laura Edward

The previous article on rabbit proofing included some great tips.  The biggest was probably “don’t underestimate your bunny’s ability to get out of even the most secured pen or away from your watchful eye even for a moment.”  I have had some rabbit-proofing failures in my home.  For example, there have been a few dropped phone calls after the phone line had been sawed in two.  Also, my husband had to explain to the nice cable TV lady why some of the buttons on the remote were chewed down to nubs.   And I’ve even had a Playstation controller wire chomped through while actually playing a game.  

One Better Than Buying a Rabbit Run – Another Idea Pet Stores Won’t Tell You About

Many owners are turning away from the traditional set up of the rabbit in a hutch in the garden. Hutches and cages are now often indoors and many owners also embrace the concept of free running 'house rabbits'. This article explains the concept behind free running, some ways to rabbit-proof the running space and considerations for keeping the space rabbit friendly.

What Is Free Running?

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