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Rabbit Bonding Problems – Brando and Casey

By:  Wendy Duffus

I have had the pleasure of living with rabbits since April, 1999. I came home with my first bun, Bunny, when all I had gone to the pet store for was bird seed, cat treats and fish food.

Over the years, I acquired a few more rabbits and at one point had 4, all bonded to each other. This made living with them all very easy as they were free-range, only being confined to one room at night – the room where their litter boxes, kibble and water dishes, hay rack and toys were all located. In 2010, I lost two of my buns, Blackie and Rex, to illness, 2 months apart. Anyone who has experienced loss of a dear pet knows the heart wrenching pain associated with their death. I thought I would never recover.

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