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A House Bun For You – A Poem

Poem contributed by:  Tim Harrington

So you want to find an awesome new pet?
Then let me tell you what you should get.
“A rabbit! A rabbit!” is what I’ll cry.
“Adopt one! Adopt one! There’s no need to buy!”
A lop or angora, a dwarf or a Dutch,
Would love to avoid living life in a hutch.
A bunny indoors? Oh no, surely not!
Is what many bun owners initially thought.
But then they tried it. You should too.
Take it from me, here’s what you should do:
Go to a shelter to check out the buns.
Chances are you’ll love more than one.
With so many cuties, it just isn’t fair…
To have to choose just one bun or a pair.
What can you expect when you bring home your rabbits?
What will you feed them? What are their habits?
Each bun is different, just like you or me.
Their personalities vary, as you will see.
Some will be snugglers and sleep on your lap.
Other might lick you or give you nose taps.
And you’ll need some supplies for your new girls or boys:
Litterboxes, hay, a cage, and some toys.
Litterboxes, you wonder…why will you need that?
‘Cause buns can be house trained just like a cat!
They might race around quickly and play with you too,
But cover your wires since most like to chew!
And whether they’re huge or really quite dinky,
During “roam times”, you’ll love when they binky!
Watch your buns’ antics, you’ll be having a ball.
They’ll capture your heart in no time at all.
Your life from then on will not be a bore…
In fact, once you have buns, I know you’ll want MORE !!!!!


Tim Harrington is a teacher, author, and long time rabbit owner. He adopted his first pair in 2003 and has since adopted 2 other pairs and fostered many others.

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