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Aging Gorilla Gets a Pet Bunny Named Panda

Just found this GREAT article about a gorilla and her pet bunny!  Just goes to show how the joy bunnies brings crosses species lines!

What do you think of this unlikely pair?  Leave your comments below!

Read the article from Daily Mail:


An elderly gorilla at a Pennsylvania zoo has a new companion: a bunny named Panda.

The Erie Zoo's gorilla, Samantha, has been without a full-time friend since the death of Rudy, a male gorilla, in 2005.
But officials say the 47-year-old western lowland gorilla is too old to be paired with another gorilla so they opted last month to introduce her to Panda, a Dutch rabbit, instead.
  1. Monica Matuszak Monica Matuszak

    I am against this. What did you not learn about this woman whose face was ripped off? This is scary and stupid. Get the rabbit away from the gorilla and stop that preceived human notion of anything can be paired up as friends as if there's society in animal kingdom. Gorillas are brutally strong and even if it is petting him, the rabbit can think he was very aggressive and will NOT want to stay with him.

  2. Jodi Jodi

    This makes me more than a little uneasy … Hope that poor rabbit makes it a few days alive and not paralized with the gorilla… I could be wrong and the gorilla might be very gentle, but one backhand and Panda won't be walking anymore…

  3. Lynne Lynne

    A gorlla may enjoy being "entertained" by the rabbit, but cannot understand the delicate anatomy or proper handling a rabbit requires.  A rabbit in this situation must have been considered "expendabe" by zoo staff.  This is an accident waiting to happen.

  4. Amber Amber

    To everyone that's against this: the gorilla is watched most of the day. i'm sur that if the bunny seems distressed, they'll remove it. If any harm comes to it, they'll seperate the two. They're just trying to make the gorilla happier and the bunny gets a new home. It's a win-win if it does work out. No need to freak about it:)
    (especially since, im sure anyone that posted negative comments will post that comment then tomorrow or the next day not give it a second thought)

  5. Heather Coleman Heather Coleman

    The woman who was horribly maimed was attacked by a chimpanzee who had been kept in captivity as an exotic pet for its entire life. That animal had serious behavior issues as a result. Chimpanzees are wild animals and should not be kept as exotic pets. This, however, is a geriatric gorilla in a zoo environment. She is not being treated as an exotic pet; she should be receiving the proper diet, environment & enrichment that she needs. There is no reason to assume that the situations are anything at all alike. Gorillas in zoos have kept other small animals as pets before without incident (Koko, a gorilla in California, has had at least 3 cats I believe). I'm not saying it's completely out of the realm of possibility for something to happen, but I do think it's highly unlikely and everyone should just calm down.

  6. pawtricia pawtricia

    my amstaffs have a rabbit to play with and the rabbit comes looking for trouble

  7. Shannon Fonda Shannon Fonda

    more proof that everybody needs somebunny.  c:

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