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Are You Considering Rabbit Health Insurance?

As with any pet, it is important to provide rabbits with proper healthcare. That is why some rabbit owners choose to purchase rabbit health insurance.

Insuring rabbits may have sounded silly in the past, but with the rising costs of emergency care and basic checkups, covering animals seems less and less farfetched. House rabbit ownership itself is not necessarily taxing: owners provide food, shelter, entertainment and care for their bunnies. But what happens if a pet has reoccurring illness? What if he cuts himself badly or develops a painful ear infection? When a rabbit needs to make an unexpected trip to the veterinarian, the costs of care and medication can add up quickly.

Like health insurance for humans, rabbit health insurance varies from plan to plan. Some plans cover the costs of accidents and sudden illnesses, while more expensive plans will include larger issues like cancer and the treatment of hereditary problems. Many plans are priced depending on the animal in question: rabbits with long-term illnesses and older animals might cost more to insure because the company providing the coverage expects to pay more for their healthcare. Each plan varies, and anyone considering coverage should look into multiple plans to find the one that best fits their budget and needs.

Not everyone chooses to cover their rabbits. If a rabbit isn't prone to accident or illness, the monthly cost of coverage may be more than the cost of veterinarian visits over the animal's lifetime. However, one serious accident or unhappy diagnosis may tap an uninsured owner's wallet.

If you are interested in rabbit health insurance coverage but aren't sure if it is quite right for you, try this: consider how much you would spend per year on regular checkups, preventative care (shots, flea and mite prevention, et cetera), and any necessary medications for your pet. Divide that number by 12 to get the basic monthly cost and then compare that to the cost of the insurance plan you are considering: is your monthly cost higher? Does the plan cover all the costs of what you listed or are their gaps that you would pay out of pocket for your pet? Also, does this plan cover surprise costs, such as accidents or sudden illness? If you plan to spay or neuter your rabbit, see if that is included. If the monthly insurance cost is less than your costs, you might consider purchasing coverage to cut down on overall expenses.

Although every good rabbit owner is concerned with the health and happiness of their beloved animal, costs for even the most basic care can be draining. Purchasing rabbit health insurance can help to alleviate some of the high costs of veterinary visits and ensure the health and happiness of your fluffy friend.


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