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Fluent in Silence: Understanding Your Bun

Contributed by Rachael Sharpe

Many of us with house rabbits know the basics of bunny behavior. We know what a Binky is, we know that when rabbits are frightened they will flatten to the ground with wide eyes.  We also know when they want to be petted they will lower their head and be still.  But what do we really understand about talking to our buns? As animals with a spoken language, we often rely heavily on words to communicate with one another.  

Babies and Bunnies – Can They Co-Exist?

Contributed by Elise Sommer

I will start by saying that every bunny is different, and every child is different so parents of bunnies and babies will have to follow their own instincts to create a safe home for everyone.  Babies and children should not be left unattended with bunnies.

My husband and I had our two very spoiled bunnies for 5 months when we found out that we were expecting our first child. We had two female rabbits that had just become bonded, Coffey (Netherland Dwarf) and Mocha (Mini Rex), and now we were going to add a loud, stinky, screaming human into the house. Suffice it to say, as a mother–to-be, I was very worried.

Twelve Days of Bunny Christmas

Guest Contributor Denise Young

Dedicated to Thumper

On the first day of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Poop under the Christmas tree.

On the second day of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Two deliberate thumps and poop under the Christmas tree.

On the third day of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Three bouncing binkies, two deliberate thumps and poop under the Christmas tree.

On the fourth day Of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Four pig noises, three bouncing binkies, two deliberate thumps and poop under the Christmas tree.

The First Day With Munday…a Californian Rabbit Love Story

Guest Contributor Priscilla Hunting

It was a Thursday night at work like usual, taking orders and making yummy burgers. I had spent the past few months looking at Chinchilla's online on rescue websites, when my husband called and told me that he got me a present. I asked him, 'What is it?', but to no avail he told me that if he told me, I could not have it. I tried to guess on my own and decided it was no special occasion. However, that night what happened really was just that… a VERY special occasion.

Meet Lionel the House Rabbit

Guest Contributor Laura Biondi

Dear Readers,

Hi!  I’m Lionel!  My person, Laura, wanted me to tell you a little about myself.  I am 2ish years old.  I am a VERY handsome Lionhead mix, so I am fluffy and have very dashing muttonchops.  Quite dignified.  I also have wispy bangs that fall over my eyes, because I‘m a rebel.  I spend lots of time fixing my ’do, of course, but what dashing rabbit wouldn’t?

I had a different home before this one, but I don’t really want to talk about it.  I ended up in a shelter, then Laura came and took me home with her.  That’s when all the fun began!

Midwest Bunfest in Columbus Ohio – Nov 2, 2013

This festival is just what you and your rabbit(s) have been waiting for! Rabbit festivites for the day will include the Bunny Spa for your rabbit, vendors with specialty rabbit products, educational sessions by rabbit experts, rabbits looking for a forever homes, and lots of people who love to talk about rabbits and much more!

Plus will be there with select toys at discounted prices!  This is a great way to see the most popular handmade rabbit toys up close and in person.

Things to do:

How to Groom Your Rabbit – Video

Rabbits shed 4 times a year with spring and fall being the extreme.  I found this video from YouTube user 101rabbits about how to groom your rabbit.  She has some good suggestions and ways to get the loose hair even without a brush!  With a big molt looming on the horizon, take a look at this video to prepare yourself!



Looking for a good shedding comb?  Cat and dog combs work well (there are few options labeled for rabbits).  Check out some great options here (be sure to read the reviews!):  Click Here

New Rabbit Shelter in Ohio

Good news for us here in Ohio, we have a new Rabbit Shelter!

"This Week Community News" reported on this.  Here is a quick excerpt:

"In what's being billed as a first for Ohio, homeless rabbits will have their very own place to stay — until someone comes along, becomes captivated by all that cuteness and simply has to give the animal a forever home.

Officials with Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, a nonprofit organization founded four years ago, have taken a hop of faith from volunteers caring for unwanted bunnies in their homes to a bricks-and-mortar adoption center.

“Do I Buy an Easter Bunny?” – An article to share with your friends

Article written and submitted by Sandra Lee from Wheek Wheek Thump

So it’s pretty much that time of year again –

When people begin to realize that bunnies DO exist as pets…decide they need one… for their children… because a bunny is like a hamster….. right? Wrong!

Wake up and smell the fresh air. Bunnies are living, breathing animals. Not only do they need to be cared for properly but almost always by an adult. You want your child to be responsible? Bring them to volunteer at your local Humane Society with the bunnies! Before making the decision to bring a pet rabbit into your home for good. As they are called Forever Homes for a reason!

Winner! “Bunny Lovers” Valentines Rabbit Picture Contest – 2013

First of all, I would like to apologize for the late announcement of the winner of this contest.  We had family things pop up and just could not spare the time to come back here and announce the winners when we should have.  I apologize to everyone for the delay.  These contests look easy but actually take a lot of time to put together and even to put together a "Winner" page.  This is why we do not have contests very often since we are an extremely busy family and still have to put food on the table 🙂

Voting Open! “Bunny Lovers” Valentines Rabbit Picture Contest – 2013

Voting is open!!

We received almost 100 bunny lover submissions to our contest and we narrowed that down to only 12 finalists!  The photos below are the 12 we have chosen.  I picked four, my husband picked four, and my 11 year old daughter picker her favorite four!.  All the finalists where chosen according to each of our own preferences so a wound up with a wide variety!  

“Bunny Lovers” Valentines Rabbit Picture Contest – 2013


Contest time!

We are giving away one of our Bunny Lovers Gift Basket with over $35.00 worth of toys to the "Cutest Couple" House Rabbit picture!  Get a great pic of your bunnies snuggling, playing, sleeping, etc and you could win!  Valentine's themed pics a plus but not required.

Check out the rules below and we look forward to receiving your pics!

1.  Post your pictures to our special "I Love My House Rabbit Photo Contest" Facebook page.  We will be accepting entries from now until end of the day Monday Feb 11th.  The link is below.

Are Rabbit Cages Cruel?

Are rabbit cages cruel?   I know that I will most likely get some very strong opinions about this from rabbit owners all across the world.  However, it is time we sit down and have a candid conversation about this subject.

First of all I want to be very, very clear.  This article doesn't have anything to do with the issue of whether a rabbit should be living outside in a tiny hutch.  The name of this website is "I love my house rabbit" and I think we can all agree that if you are going to bring a rabbit into your family, it is best to have it inside.

Top 11 Best Gift Ideas for You and Your Rabbit – 2012 Holiday Season



Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #1


Crazy Christmas Tree Rabbit Toy

We decorate our own trees with ornaments that remind us of our favorite things, and many times the ornaments are simply miniature toys!

The Crazy Christmas Tree took this same idea and applied it to your bunnies favorite things, toys!  This toy is shaped like a Christmas tree with Rabbit Toy pieces tied with sisal all over.  Great for heavy chewers and to give your bunnies home a festive look during the holiday season!
Lola LOVES hers!!
Start shopping here:


House Rabbit Halloween Photo Contest 2012 – Winner!!


And the winner is………

Jenn Kahill and Benjamin the Pirate!  Benjamin received the most votes out of the more than 4,000 votes cast!

Watch the video below for a slideshow of all the entries to the contest (played to some seriously serious music)


See the 12 finalists and voting results below:

We received almost 100 submissions to our contest and I narrowed that down to over 30 finalists!  Alas we could only 12 finalists so I had to make some really tough decisions.  The photos below are the 12 I finally came down to.  All the finalists where chosen at my discretion and my own tastes.  I looked for creativity, beauty, cuteness, and composistion.  

House Rabbit Halloween Photo Contest – 2012

Contest time!

We are giving away one of our Bunny Gift Baskets with over $35.00 worth of toys to the cutest House Rabbit Halloween Photos!

Check out the rules below and we look forward to receiving your pics!

1.  Post your pictures to our special "I Love My House Rabbit Photo Contest" Facebook page.  We will be accepting entries from now until end of the day Wednesday October 24th.  The link is below.

My Heart and Soul Pet – Contributed Rabbit Story

Story Contributed by Suzie from
"I have heard that everyone has that one certain pet they love. They have to have, they only want that one type of pet and nothing else. Well, for me that pet is a bunny. I love them heart and soul. Not just because they are cute and unusual, they are more than that to me. Once upon a time a black rabbit named Midnight was there for me in more way than any human could possible think.
I do not remember a time I have not loved bunnies. I remember growing up and having a small kit (baby rabbit) as a pet for the day. Yes, I do mean day. When my dad would cut the first cutting of alfalfa hay, he would jump off the tractor and capture me a wild rabbit to hold. However, at the end of the day I had to let that little furry baby go. I could not keep the rabbit past sundown. It was hard letting that little rabbit go, but I knew that I could not keep it and if I did, it would probably die. My grandfather told me that I just could not keep something wild as a pet. He explained that something wild just could not live confined in a cage or on human terms. At the time I truly did not understand, however I learned as I grew up.
As I got older, became a teenage and young adult, I did not think about bunnies much. I was too busy doing anything I could just to have some fun. Growing up on a farm, I felt like I missed out of so much. But I now realize that I had the good life compared to other kids my age at the time. 
After I got married, my husband got me a bunny to help me feel better. I was suffering from depression from a bi-lateral hysterectomy. For some strange reason the hormonal medicine made me have severe manic depression. Doctors kept increasing the hormonal medicine and I kept going downhill, they added more drugs to combat the depression but it really did not help.
My first bunny was Floppy. He was a gray and white bunny that loved to attack my legs. Every time the fridge would open, he would hop in to get his carrot or lettuce and run off. It was a funny site to see. Floppy would race around the house so fast, sadly he ran to fast one day and on slick hardwood floors he slammed into the wood baseboard. It broke his back and he did not live long after that.
Shortly after losing Floppy, my husband brought home Midnight. He was working a 2nd job at a gas station. One of the customers was trying to get rid of a black rabbit she did not want. It was an Easter present. He came home that night and gave me a moving box. I opened the moving box and saw this little black lop eared bunny and it was love at first site. In my depressive state, I thought that bunny hung the moon. No matter what I did or where I went in my house, he was always there. Midnight would sleep with me all the time. During the winter, he would allow me to hold him in my arms. When it was warm, he would sleep above my head and groom my hair. The love that bunny gave me was something I could not find.
Midnight offered something that the doctors and my family could not seem to understand I needed. Midnight offered me unconditionally love. I would be sitting crying over who knows what and Midnight would be in my lap to catch my tears. I could be sitting at the computer and he would be at my feet keeping them warm. Midnight was always there no matter what.
He was obsessed by sweet tea. If I had a glass of tea, he would have to drink from it every time I would take a drink. I do not know what he was thinking except he wanted the sweetness. He spilled more glasses of tea than a child spills glasses at the supper table. No matter where I sat the glass he would always find a way to get his drink.
Midnight loved water. He would jump in the shower when I would wash. I do not know why but he enjoyed splashing in the water. Sadly, his playing in the water was his downfall. Bunnies are not water creatures. Yes, they can swim but they only need water to drink. They do not and should not have a bath like a dog. They are fine with grooming them self. Midnight lived with me almost 5 years before he left me for the Rainbow Bridge. He got the sniffles from playing in the water. I still grieve for my heart pet today even though it has been over 10 years. I buried him in my rose garden and visit him often.
I love and miss you Midnight. You will always be my heart and soul bunny."
Suzie's Bio Box – I am a slave to two bunnies. CupCake and Coale. CupCake is a black and white dutch mix while Coale is a black mini lop. I blog about books and bunnies at

Photo Source:  Ambersky235 via

Christmas for Homeless Bunnies – 2012 Toys for Hops Drive

Toys for Hops Christmas Rabbit Toy Donation

This year many rabbits will be enjoying Christmas with their families.  They will get gifts and lots of love and kisses on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately there will be many more bunnies sitting in rescues and shelters on Christmas morning with no family to love them.  These bunnies are very well taken care of by the rescues who saved them, but funds are tight and many times only the necessities can be provided. 

Baskets for Bunnies has again decided that this Christmas season shelter bunnies should receive Christmas presents too.

Working Rabbits in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Would you drive hours from home just to visit a store that employees rabbits?  Well it appears some people are going the distance to visit East by West in Eureka Springs AR.  Yume Tolle Leavell has been "employing" rabbits in her shop since 2000.  Read below for her unique story.
Excerpt from
"What puts East by West on the map: the rabbits are not just store mascots, but actually wait on customers at the counter. Leavell has trained them to give customers back their credit cards, give out change in dollar bills, and pass pens, packages and receipts. They take the items from her hand and, turning their heads, putting the items in front of the customer. And they are fast.

"Other stores have rabbits, but none of them work except mine," she said.

Rabbit Survey Results


Last week we had a survey for both our Rabbit Blog (this one) and our Rabbit Toy Website (see it here).

We had over 300 respondents and a TON of great ideas!  But before I give you some of the results of the survey and the winners of our Drawing and "The Best Idea", I would like to say a few things.

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  It always touches me that our customers and readers care enough to give us a helping hand when we ask for it.  We where really lost as to what direction we should be taking and the survey gave us a much clearer vision.