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One Better Than Buying a Rabbit Run – Another Idea Pet Stores Won’t Tell You About

Many owners are turning away from the traditional set up of the rabbit in a hutch in the garden. Hutches and cages are now often indoors and many owners also embrace the concept of free running 'house rabbits'. This article explains the concept behind free running, some ways to rabbit-proof the running space and considerations for keeping the space rabbit friendly.

What Is Free Running?

Life With a House Rabbit – Is it For You?

House rabbits do make great pets, but before you go ahead and choose a little housemate, there are a number of key factors that it is important to consider.

Firstly, as with any pet, you must take into account the long term commitment. A rabbit can live for anywhere between seven to ten years, so you must be sure that you are able and willing to care for your pet for this length of time.