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Beau: The Gentle Giant – Flemish Giant Rabbit

Picture of Flemish Giant GreyBy: Claire Reid

My name is Claire I am 23 years old and I have a Giant Flemish house rabbit named Beau. He is more of a dog than a rabbit, being that he is bigger than a domesticated house cat, and the fact that he demands to be petted.

I fell in love with him when I saw him at the bunny farm. He was so big, and only 3 months old! Beau loves to run around the house and play with his flinging toys. He absolutely loves Cheerios.

Whenever Beau hears the Cheerios package crinkling, he comes running down the hall. It is undeniably adorable to see him make a mad dash for a little bowl of cheerios. He also enjoys eating parsley, carrots, and cucumbers. When he gets to go outside and play for a while, he attempts to binky, but due to his large size, he doesn’t quite get off the ground.

He likes to dig and rub his chin on the grass outside. In my neighborhood we have wild bunnies, and Beau likes to make his presence known throughout our backyard. My family jokes when Beau is rubbing his chin on everything. We make up sentences that he might be saying, “That’s mine. Oh, that’s mine too. Ooh I like this, mine. Yep mine, and that, and that, oh and that too. Mine, mine, mine, mine.”  

Occasionally, on a nice cool day, I will take Beau for a walk. Well, honestly, it’s more like Beau takes me for a walk. On his special rabbit leash, Beau pulls me down the sidewalk and stops to explore dark bushes, and tasty clovers. My neighbors who have not seen him tend to stare in either shock or curiosity at his size. Beau welcomes new people and lets them pet his nose and head.

I like to call Beau my gentle giant. He is very sweet, and is totally comfortable around my actual dog. Beau and my dog Abby love to lay together on the carpet. Sometimes I find Beau lying on Abby’s dog bed, or in Abby’s toy box. Abby knows better than to push Beau off of her own bed. When Abby tries to nudge him, Beau gives her a tiny peck on the nose and she gives up and lies next to him.

Rabbits are wonderful pets. It is a shame that not many people are aware of the wonderful impacts a rabbit can have in your life. Beau is not just a pet. Beau is my joy, comfort, and friend. The little quirks he has can sometimes make my whole day, and I find myself ranting like a proud mother. But what’s not to be proud of?  I have an unusual giant rabbit who loves me, my dog, and my family. Beau is one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I am enjoying watching him grow.


My name is Claire. I am 23 years old and I have loved rabbits all my life! I am brutally honest, creative, exciting, and have good moral values. I like to play with my rabbits, craft, and blog!

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