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Bunny Love: 10 Things We Like About Each Other

10 Things I Like About Bambi

1) He always cheers me up when I feel unhappy
2) He alerts me when I’m late with his meals
3) He always entertains me
4) He behaves himself when I hold him
5) He likes playing
6) If I’m watching TV he sometimes jumps on the sofa to see what I’m doing
7) He’s curious about everything
8) He always binkies when he goes in the garden
9) He gives me lots of licks
10) He lets me stroke him

10 Things Bambi Likes About Me

1) The hooman always gives me nice nom noms
2) She keeps me warm and comfy
3) She always strokes me and that feels very nice
4) She provides me with lots of space for running and binkying
5) She provides me with lots of toys to throw and shred
6) She lets me do what I want
7) She keeps me safe
8) She always loves me
9) She knows 2 other hoomans who also give me lots of nice nom noms
10) She provides me with lots of private places to sleep in

Article Submitted by:  Sharon – I'm Bambi's slave and very interested in rabbits

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