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Category: Rabbit Litter Training

Litter Training a Bunny

How to Litter Train Your BunnyLitter Training a Bunny

House rabbits make excellent pets for families and single folks alike.  They offer a lifetime of companionship and enjoyment, and ask very little in return.  All you need to do to make life with your bunny blissful is provide friendship, recreation, fresh clean bedding,  healthy food and, of course, love.

 Unlike house cats, your rabbit will need a bunny-specific litter.  Clay litter usually doesn’t work for rabbits, and in fact, can cause serious health problems.  Especially if you use clumping cat litter.

Litter Train with Ease

How to Litter Train Your Rabbit

Litter training a rabbit is surprisingly simple as rabbits are very clean animals who always use the same spot as a toilet.

Hutch rabbits / caged indoor rabbits

To make it easier to clean the hutch or indoor cage, you can place a small corner litter tray  in the corner that your rabbit pees in. Place some bedding or hay in the tray so the rabbit does not slip when it hops in. This can then be cleaned out every couple of days, keeping the hutch / cage much cleaner between regular weekly cleans.

House rabbits (free range)