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Category: Rabbit News

8 Lop Rabbits Dumped in Wellington NZ

Rabbits Rescued in WellingtonFrom the Wellington SPCA Website:

"Wellington SPCA received a call on Friday afternoon stating that several pet Lop-eared rabbits had been abandoned on Harris Road, Judgeford (on Haywards Hill).

A local resident was able to catch two by hand, and an inspector was able to catch another three on Friday evening to bring them into the Newtown centre. At least three more rabbits are still loose in the area, although humane traps have been left so these rabbits can be brought in and taken care of.

Pet Rabbit Saved from Drainage Pipe

The Bristol franchise business of Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage ( reacted quickly to an emergency call for help from a local family who had an unusual blockage in their drains.

As a result of the call, Frank Cole, Bob Munro and the team from Drain Doctor Bristol can now add ‘animal rescue’ to their list of services.

Late on a recent Sunday afternoon the team received a call from the father of a six-year-old girl whose prized pet Netherland dwarf rabbit Minni had gone missing. Frank thought that this was a strange call for an emergency plumbing and drain repair company.