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Category: Rabbit Books

Stories Rabbits Tell: Review

Misconceptions About Rabbits Explained

We have come across many times where references to rabbits have been probed and in most of the occasions, society refers to rabbits in a negative way. However, in the book, “Stories Rabbits Tell” writers Susan Davis with Margo Demello has removed this misconception to a decent extent. She has brought out different aspects of the rabbits’ intrinsic qualities and created a unique opinion in the minds of her readers. She has strived to expose all the finer qualities of rabbits and usher in the changed notion of these animals as a intelligent creatures that deserve our respect.

Realistic Rabbits in Children’s Literature

By Emily Allgeyer

Pat the Bunny is a children's classic.  But what if the bunny doesn't want to be patted?  My bunnies are writing a book called Stop Trying to Pat Me and Give Me a Craisin.

Children's books are loaded with bunny rabbits.  Some of them are anthropomorphized humans, some of them are bunny-esque and some of them are just plain silly.

Beatrix Potter’s Rabbits – Bouncer Bunny and Peter Piper

14743512833_ffb28274ee_oMany people know Beatrix Potter by her famous story of Peter Rabbit who broke into Mr. McGregor's garden.

But few realize that Beatrix was a naturalist and true bunny lover!  The picture shown here is of Beatrix and her first rabbit "Benjamin Bouncer".  

Recently I looked into more of the history of Beatrix and her bunnies.  Here is what I found on Penguin's (book publisher) website:

"Benjamin Bouncer

Review – Rabbits: Gentle Hearts Valiant Spirits

This easy-to-understand and intelligently written glimpse into the lives of house rabbits takes a new approach to shedding light on the lives of domesticated rabbits.  Stories of rescues will make even the most uninformed reader into an advocate for rabbits and the plight they suffer at the mercy of factory fur farms, meat farms, research institutes and laboratories.  These stories will tug at your heartstrings and outrage to the point of disgust, however, you will be inspired by the ultimate rescue of these bunnies at the hands of some noble and caring human beings. 

Introducing Hershey the House Rabbit

By G.G. Hall

I have had pet rabbits now for about 9 years. They are all rescues and came from one situation or another where they were not living a great life. Several were actually found running around in neighborhoods, most likely either escapees or possibly dumped into the outdoors when their owners no longer wanted them.

About four years ago, I decided that there had to be a way to let people know about the good qualities of rabbits as pets. I was upset to hear so many sad stories about rabbits that had been abandoned or even neglected. I thought, “what if a rabbit wrote his autobiography- telling about his life and his home and perhaps how he had discovered a way to secretly explore it?”

Review – House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live With an Urban Rabbit Marinell Harriman

The House Rabbit Handbook has long been viewed as the ultimate guide for living with your house rabbit.   Though other publications can surely offer advice and direction to the new-and proud-owner of a house rabbit, most seasoned house rabbit owners will agree that Harriman’s revised edition of the House Rabbit Handbook addresses anything the new owner might anticipate-and a few things they haven’t.   Even someone who has had a bunny as a pet before, and knows the ins and outs, can find helpful hints in this edition of the House Rabbit Handbook.

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