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Category: Rabbit Fun

DIY Cardboard Tunnel and Ball Rabbit Toy

Article Contributed by:  Rebecca Marie Steinmetz

Hello bunny lovers! We all know how expensive toys can be so today is two very inexpensive DIYs. I will be explaining how to make two ​simple DIYs in under t​ wenty minutes that your bunnies will love. This tutorial will be ideal for bunnies who love the chew on cardboard or love to burrow. This tutorial will make a cardboard ball and a tunnel. Let's jump right into this tutorial!

Kissed a Bunn (“I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry Song Parody)

Guest Post By: Brenda Arsenault

Kissed a Bunn

(“I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry song parody)

This was not what I planned
when I went in the shelter,
I saw cute bunnies everywhere
Lost my discretion
It's not what, I'm used to
Just wanna take you home
I'm curious about you
You caught my attention

I kissed a bunn and I liked it
The feel of the silky soft fur
I kissed a bunn just to try it
I hope my kitty-cat don't mind it
They felt so soft

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your House Rabbit – Holidays 2016

House Rabbit Gift Idea #1

Standing Christmas Tree House Rabbit Toy

Rabbit Christmas Tree Toy

Your rabbit will enjoy it's very own Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights"! The Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights" will look beautiful in your bunnies home on Christmas Eve! Completely safe and chewable, this toy allows your bunny to celebrate the holidays with you! Measures approx. 6" high

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #2

Meadow Grass Toy Ball

Meadow Grass Rabbit Toy Ball

How to Train a Rabbit to Come When Called

Contributed by Barbara Russo

My rabbit Luke has a very spacious enclosure, or “rabitat,” as I like to call it. When I’m home, his door stays open, giving him full access to our living room and hallway. This part of my house is rabbit-proof and safe for him to hop about and explore. There is a lot of healthy, enriching  fun for him to discover here, including chew toys placed in almost every corner, furniture that he can jump upon, and boxes for him to cuddle in.

Twelve Days of Bunny Christmas

Guest Contributor Denise Young

Dedicated to Thumper

On the first day of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Poop under the Christmas tree.

On the second day of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Two deliberate thumps and poop under the Christmas tree.

On the third day of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Three bouncing binkies, two deliberate thumps and poop under the Christmas tree.

On the fourth day Of Christmas, my bunny gave to me,
Four pig noises, three bouncing binkies, two deliberate thumps and poop under the Christmas tree.

Midwest Bunfest in Columbus Ohio – Nov 2, 2013

This festival is just what you and your rabbit(s) have been waiting for! Rabbit festivites for the day will include the Bunny Spa for your rabbit, vendors with specialty rabbit products, educational sessions by rabbit experts, rabbits looking for a forever homes, and lots of people who love to talk about rabbits and much more!

Plus will be there with select toys at discounted prices!  This is a great way to see the most popular handmade rabbit toys up close and in person.

Things to do:

Video: Wild Rabbit Meets a Domestic Rabbit

This is a great video.  A wild rabbit decides to make friends and interact with a domestic bunny through a screen door!  It's pretty cool to see just how interested the wild bunny is in his domestic cousin!  Kind of reminds me of the story about the country mouse and city mouse 🙂  The video starts a little slow but the two start interacting at about 1:50

Whimsical Rabbit Paintings by Nakisha

Just found this video on YouTube.  It contains 101 paintings of rabbits by Nakisha.  You'll find these paintings to be whimsical with a very unique representation of the lagomorphs we love so much!  I enjoyed this video immensley and hope you do too!  If you would like to visit the artists website go to


Pet Rabbit Toy Picture Contest 2012

Enter to Win one of two "Rabbit Toy Gift Baskets" Worth over $50!  PLUS receive a 20% off discount coupon just for entering!

Rabbit Toy Giveaway is holding a contest for the best pictures of bunnies playing with our toys!

These pictures help us show other bunny owners that rabbits DO like to play and really enjoy our line of rabbit toys!  And to thank you for entering the contest, you will instantly have access to a discount coupon for 20% off all items on our website!

Here's how the contest works:

Bunny Love: 10 Things We Like About Each Other

10 Things I Like About Bambi

1) He always cheers me up when I feel unhappy
2) He alerts me when I’m late with his meals
3) He always entertains me
4) He behaves himself when I hold him
5) He likes playing
6) If I’m watching TV he sometimes jumps on the sofa to see what I’m doing
7) He’s curious about everything
8) He always binkies when he goes in the garden
9) He gives me lots of licks
10) He lets me stroke him

10 Things Bambi Likes About Me

Bob Barker and His Bunny “Mr Rabbit”

In this Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011 photo, retired game show host Bob Barker holds his 8-year-old rabbit, Mr. Rabbit, at his home in Los Angeles. Barker would like his rabbit to spend more time in its litter box. And Mr. Rabbit's resolution for Barker? What else? "To continue urging folks to have their pets spayed and neutered, including rabbits."

Do-it-Yourself Bunny Rabbit Playground

By Rhea Brown (with the help of her sidekicks, Bailey and Logan)

If your rabbits are anything like mine, they love to play!  Your bunnies will absolutely love their very own playground made out of cardboard boxes and tubes.  This project is cheap and only takes a few minutes to construct.

-Two sturdy cardboard boxes (we used 24"x18"x18")
-One cardboard cement form tube, cut to any length you desire (ours is 8" diameter and 25” long, purchased from Home Depot)
-Writing utensil
-Piece of scrap paper/newspaper
-Sharp utility knife

Christmas Bunny Rabbit Picture Contest 2011

Voting has Ended!  Hundreds of people entered  to win either a $50, $25, or $10 gift certificate to and we narrowed it down to the top 10!  View the Winners below!


Christmas Bunny Contestant #1 – Milo

Rabbit Picture for Christmas

Christmas Bunny Contestant #1 – Milo

Milo came to us 5months ago as his current owener could no longer take care of him.  He was very thin as he needed a dental, didnt know his name and toileted all over my house.  5 months later he's neutered, had a dental and is a changed bunny.