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Category: Rabbit Grooming

How to Groom Your Rabbit – Video

Rabbits shed 4 times a year with spring and fall being the extreme.  I found this video from YouTube user 101rabbits about how to groom your rabbit.  She has some good suggestions and ways to get the loose hair even without a brush!  With a big molt looming on the horizon, take a look at this video to prepare yourself!



Looking for a good shedding comb?  Cat and dog combs work well (there are few options labeled for rabbits).  Check out some great options here (be sure to read the reviews!):  Click Here

Video: Stress Free Nail Trimming for Rabbits

Do you have a hard time trimming your bunnies nails?  If you have the patience the technique in the video below is a low stress way to both trim your buns nails and actually start click training your bun too!  Watch how excited the bun is at the beginning of the video, does your bunny get that excited about nail trimming time???


For more information about clicker training your bunny check out the book "Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit"

To find a great pair of clippers check these out on Amazon.


Rabbit Grooming 101

By Kai B Gomez 

Rabbits, by nature are meticulous cleaners. Much like cats, they keep themselves clean by using their tongue. You can see them clean their face using their paws as washcloths moisten by their saliva. As social creatures, rabbits help groom each other's hard-to-reach areas.

While rabbits pretty much clean themselves, a good grooming from their person wouldn't hurt. In fact, it can help prevent health problems often gone unnoticed. It's a great bonding activity for you and your bun.