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Category: Rabbit History

What is a Rabbit?


If you have a house rabbit there may be several behaviors you don't understand.  I found this video on YouTube that asks the question "What is a Rabbit" and answers it with an interesting discussion on wild rabbit anatomy and behavior.  Understanding these natural instincts and behaviors could help your rabbit live a happier life inside you home!  Watch the video here:


Beatrix Potter’s Rabbits – Bouncer Bunny and Peter Piper

14743512833_ffb28274ee_oMany people know Beatrix Potter by her famous story of Peter Rabbit who broke into Mr. McGregor's garden.

But few realize that Beatrix was a naturalist and true bunny lover!  The picture shown here is of Beatrix and her first rabbit "Benjamin Bouncer".  

Recently I looked into more of the history of Beatrix and her bunnies.  Here is what I found on Penguin's (book publisher) website:

"Benjamin Bouncer

Future Study of Rabbit Relinquishment

By Tasha Welch

My name is Tasha Welch, I am a 4th year BSc.H. Animal Biology student
at the University of Guelph. Over the past 3 months I have been
reviewing literature on the positive and negative implications of the
human – animal bond and discovered there is little research on rabbit
ownership and relinquishment. This lack of research, and my love for
rabbits, has inspired me to develop and conduct my own study in this