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Category: Rabbit Stories

Look, But Don’t Touch!! – Josephine’s Story

Article contributed by: Jeanmarie Short

I adopted Josephine from my local SPCA approximately three years ago. She is a beautiful white dwarf rabbit with stunning blue eyes. She was labelled a “biter” and in my opinion, a rabbit that would be hard to adopt out. This was a no brainer for me; this was the rabbit for me. When she was removed from her kennel to be placed in my cage, she began growling, grunting and lunging at the animal handler, and she eventually bit the woman before she made it into my cage.

Hope the Bunny – Rabbit Rescue Stories

From YouTube:

Meet Hope – a bunny who was given a second chance. In this heartwarming tale ofrags to riches, Hope the bunny escaped near death and is "hoppily" living with Amy in Massachusetts after she was rescued and nursed back to health by Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Foster, Rhode Island. This is the most successful "fosterfailure" yet!

Hope's before picture.  Watch the video to see the amazing trasformation!








How We Became a House Rabbit Family

Contributed by Theron Peck III

If you are going to consider adopting or rescuing a rabbit as a first time pet, please consider a few words of wisdom from our family as you consider this new pet. Rabbits are unique and provide a special kind of love which requires more care than you may think. I wish you the best for rescuing a bunny and allowing him or her to give you years of companionship.

Therapy Bun: Rabbits and PTSD

Contributed by Kiley McNeill

About 7-8% of Americans will be diagnosed with PTSD, 5.2 million people will be diagnosed with PTSD in any given year, and 10% of all women are diagnosed with PTSD compared to the 5% of men. I happen to be one of those statistics.

I have had issues with anxiety my whole life, but after a series of traumatic events took place my life began to fall apart. My daily routines went from focusing on getting to class, studying, doing my homework, and hanging out with my friends to wondering if I will be safe when I leave my apartment, will I be safe walking to my car after class, and wondering who I can and can’t trust. If anyone yelled or acted aggressively, even if they weren’t being serious, I would have a panic attach.

When It’s Okay To Let Your Rabbit Go

Contributed by Christine Whetstone

Though I had grown up around multiple animals, Jessica was my first pet. I lived in a complex that didn’t allow animals so I needed something that was quiet and didn’t need to go outside, but still filled the void of not having four-footed creatures around. The moment I saw Jessica, I knew she had to be mine, and she did not disappoint. She would binky all over, play peek-a-boo behind the curtains, and enjoyed the breeze coming in from the balcony door. After a while, I decided she should have a friend, so Jake entered our lives via a bunny speed dating session.

Babies and Bunnies – Can They Co-Exist?

Contributed by Elise Sommer

I will start by saying that every bunny is different, and every child is different so parents of bunnies and babies will have to follow their own instincts to create a safe home for everyone.  Babies and children should not be left unattended with bunnies.

My husband and I had our two very spoiled bunnies for 5 months when we found out that we were expecting our first child. We had two female rabbits that had just become bonded, Coffey (Netherland Dwarf) and Mocha (Mini Rex), and now we were going to add a loud, stinky, screaming human into the house. Suffice it to say, as a mother–to-be, I was very worried.

The First Day With Munday…a Californian Rabbit Love Story

Guest Contributor Priscilla Hunting

It was a Thursday night at work like usual, taking orders and making yummy burgers. I had spent the past few months looking at Chinchilla's online on rescue websites, when my husband called and told me that he got me a present. I asked him, 'What is it?', but to no avail he told me that if he told me, I could not have it. I tried to guess on my own and decided it was no special occasion. However, that night what happened really was just that… a VERY special occasion.

Meet Lionel the House Rabbit

Guest Contributor Laura Biondi

Dear Readers,

Hi!  I’m Lionel!  My person, Laura, wanted me to tell you a little about myself.  I am 2ish years old.  I am a VERY handsome Lionhead mix, so I am fluffy and have very dashing muttonchops.  Quite dignified.  I also have wispy bangs that fall over my eyes, because I‘m a rebel.  I spend lots of time fixing my ’do, of course, but what dashing rabbit wouldn’t?

I had a different home before this one, but I don’t really want to talk about it.  I ended up in a shelter, then Laura came and took me home with her.  That’s when all the fun began!

My Heart and Soul Pet – Contributed Rabbit Story

Story Contributed by Suzie from
"I have heard that everyone has that one certain pet they love. They have to have, they only want that one type of pet and nothing else. Well, for me that pet is a bunny. I love them heart and soul. Not just because they are cute and unusual, they are more than that to me. Once upon a time a black rabbit named Midnight was there for me in more way than any human could possible think.
I do not remember a time I have not loved bunnies. I remember growing up and having a small kit (baby rabbit) as a pet for the day. Yes, I do mean day. When my dad would cut the first cutting of alfalfa hay, he would jump off the tractor and capture me a wild rabbit to hold. However, at the end of the day I had to let that little furry baby go. I could not keep the rabbit past sundown. It was hard letting that little rabbit go, but I knew that I could not keep it and if I did, it would probably die. My grandfather told me that I just could not keep something wild as a pet. He explained that something wild just could not live confined in a cage or on human terms. At the time I truly did not understand, however I learned as I grew up.
As I got older, became a teenage and young adult, I did not think about bunnies much. I was too busy doing anything I could just to have some fun. Growing up on a farm, I felt like I missed out of so much. But I now realize that I had the good life compared to other kids my age at the time. 
After I got married, my husband got me a bunny to help me feel better. I was suffering from depression from a bi-lateral hysterectomy. For some strange reason the hormonal medicine made me have severe manic depression. Doctors kept increasing the hormonal medicine and I kept going downhill, they added more drugs to combat the depression but it really did not help.
My first bunny was Floppy. He was a gray and white bunny that loved to attack my legs. Every time the fridge would open, he would hop in to get his carrot or lettuce and run off. It was a funny site to see. Floppy would race around the house so fast, sadly he ran to fast one day and on slick hardwood floors he slammed into the wood baseboard. It broke his back and he did not live long after that.
Shortly after losing Floppy, my husband brought home Midnight. He was working a 2nd job at a gas station. One of the customers was trying to get rid of a black rabbit she did not want. It was an Easter present. He came home that night and gave me a moving box. I opened the moving box and saw this little black lop eared bunny and it was love at first site. In my depressive state, I thought that bunny hung the moon. No matter what I did or where I went in my house, he was always there. Midnight would sleep with me all the time. During the winter, he would allow me to hold him in my arms. When it was warm, he would sleep above my head and groom my hair. The love that bunny gave me was something I could not find.
Midnight offered something that the doctors and my family could not seem to understand I needed. Midnight offered me unconditionally love. I would be sitting crying over who knows what and Midnight would be in my lap to catch my tears. I could be sitting at the computer and he would be at my feet keeping them warm. Midnight was always there no matter what.
He was obsessed by sweet tea. If I had a glass of tea, he would have to drink from it every time I would take a drink. I do not know what he was thinking except he wanted the sweetness. He spilled more glasses of tea than a child spills glasses at the supper table. No matter where I sat the glass he would always find a way to get his drink.
Midnight loved water. He would jump in the shower when I would wash. I do not know why but he enjoyed splashing in the water. Sadly, his playing in the water was his downfall. Bunnies are not water creatures. Yes, they can swim but they only need water to drink. They do not and should not have a bath like a dog. They are fine with grooming them self. Midnight lived with me almost 5 years before he left me for the Rainbow Bridge. He got the sniffles from playing in the water. I still grieve for my heart pet today even though it has been over 10 years. I buried him in my rose garden and visit him often.
I love and miss you Midnight. You will always be my heart and soul bunny."
Suzie's Bio Box – I am a slave to two bunnies. CupCake and Coale. CupCake is a black and white dutch mix while Coale is a black mini lop. I blog about books and bunnies at

Photo Source:  Ambersky235 via

Working Rabbits in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Would you drive hours from home just to visit a store that employees rabbits?  Well it appears some people are going the distance to visit East by West in Eureka Springs AR.  Yume Tolle Leavell has been "employing" rabbits in her shop since 2000.  Read below for her unique story.
Excerpt from
"What puts East by West on the map: the rabbits are not just store mascots, but actually wait on customers at the counter. Leavell has trained them to give customers back their credit cards, give out change in dollar bills, and pass pens, packages and receipts. They take the items from her hand and, turning their heads, putting the items in front of the customer. And they are fast.

"Other stores have rabbits, but none of them work except mine," she said.

Goodbye to a Pet Bunny

Our pet bunny, Tinkle Toes, passed away this morning. Even though we were expecting his death, the reality of the inevitable did not diminish our sadness. Thankfully, our pet seemed to die peacefully in his sleep. We buried him in the forest this morning before CB had to go in for work.

Tinkle Toes was a small, black, Lionhead bunny. We got him when he was about six weeks old. CB went into the mall for new glasses and the pet store was right next door. The litter of bunnies was just too tempting and we both returned the next day to add another pet bunny to our household.

Homeless Man Saves Pet Rabbit from Liffey River in Ireland

How far would you go to save your bunny from a life threatening situation?  
The following news article is over a year old but I just recently found it.  I am amazed by the dedication of this man to his animals and the true love they share!

"John Byrne doesn’t claim to possess much in life — he has been homeless for more than two decades and has no job — but at least he has his pets, his beloved possessions: two dogs and Barney, his bunny.

Rabbit Rescued During Hurricane Irene

Just a few minutes ago I read an excellent article about how a bunny found a home and a couple found love during Hurricane Irene last year.  The blog Bunny Slippers posted this story and I felt compelled to share it with you here.  If you want to read the full story on the Bunny Slippers blog, click here.  Below is an excerpt from their article:

Massive Rabbit Rescue Effort in California

Bunnies in Ontario California need help!  Caroline Charland of Bunny Bunch is reaching out for support in a massive rabbit rescue effort like she has never seen before.

From The Daily Bulletin:

"More than 200 domestic rabbits – some with broken limbs and missing ears – have been breeding in unsanitary conditions and have migrated to adjacent businesses.

'This is the largest rescue in California, if not one of the largest in the U.S.,' said Charland, the founder of Montclair-based Bunny Bunch.  Charland contends people have been dumping their domestic rabbits there for two decades.

Aging Gorilla Gets a Pet Bunny Named Panda

Just found this GREAT article about a gorilla and her pet bunny!  Just goes to show how the joy bunnies brings crosses species lines!

What do you think of this unlikely pair?  Leave your comments below!

Read the article from Daily Mail:


An elderly gorilla at a Pennsylvania zoo has a new companion: a bunny named Panda.

The Erie Zoo's gorilla, Samantha, has been without a full-time friend since the death of Rudy, a male gorilla, in 2005.
But officials say the 47-year-old western lowland gorilla is too old to be paired with another gorilla so they opted last month to introduce her to Panda, a Dutch rabbit, instead.

Beau: The Gentle Giant – Flemish Giant Rabbit

Picture of Flemish Giant GreyBy: Claire Reid

My name is Claire I am 23 years old and I have a Giant Flemish house rabbit named Beau. He is more of a dog than a rabbit, being that he is bigger than a domesticated house cat, and the fact that he demands to be petted.

I fell in love with him when I saw him at the bunny farm. He was so big, and only 3 months old! Beau loves to run around the house and play with his flinging toys. He absolutely loves Cheerios.

Thank You from Gretta Parker, Flopsy Parker, and

This past Christmas we held a Toy Drive for Gretta Parker and her organization "Baskets for Bunnies".  I would like to take this time to Thank You all on behalf of Gretta Parker, and all the rescues and bunnies in rescue that received their toy donations!

In all we received $1580 in donations which resulted in us sending Toys for Hops $3160 worth of Rabbit Toys for Rescue Bunnies all across the United States!!

If you would like to read more about our original toy drive, click here

Here is the list of Rescues that received the toy donations:

Rabbit Fun – A Day in the Life of Bambi the Bunny

By: Sharon from UK

Today’s the day when the cleaning needs to be done all around the house, including Bambi’s room.

He doesn’t like my vacuum cleaner, because of the noise, so I have to put him outside in my garden for an hour or so whilst I clean. I closed the door behind me so he wouldn’t come in whilst I was cleaning.

In June of 2010 I Lost One of My Best Friends – A Story of Bunny Loss

Ramone the Dutch RabbitBy Heather Jackson


Ramone came into my life when I was a pregnant 18-year-old.  He came to me as a high school graduate present in May of 2001.   He was a beautiful black and white Dutch rabbit.  The name “Ramone” came from the punk band, The Ramones.  As a teenage punk rocker, of course I had to name my rabbit after an influential punk band.  So, Ramone, it was.

Living with a House Rabbit – Poot the Dutch Rabbit

By Theron Peck

It is 5:20 am and the day is just beginning. Six short steps down from the second floor reveals a large living room with our Dutch rabbit eagerly awaiting our arrival. With hardwood floors and several rugs, this is the habitat and home for our house rabbit named Poot. Poot is normally sitting in a “loaf” mode under our coffee table with a direct view to the staircase. Upon our arrival, he becomes very excited and runs around the perimeter of the room which is also attached to a dining and kitchen area. After receiving a customary scratch on the head, he nudges our feet, demanding a forehead rubbing in front of the couch while we watch the morning news.