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How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

Article contributed by:  Phyllis O'Beollain

Losing a pet is traumatic; no less traumatic than losing a human friend or family member. It is important to have ways to express and deal with your grief. Children have even less resources for dealing with their feelings of loss, so it is up to you as the adult to help them express their grief in creative ways that are age- and skillsappropriate.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your House Rabbit – Holidays 2016

House Rabbit Gift Idea #1

Standing Christmas Tree House Rabbit Toy

Rabbit Christmas Tree Toy

Your rabbit will enjoy it's very own Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights"! The Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights" will look beautiful in your bunnies home on Christmas Eve! Completely safe and chewable, this toy allows your bunny to celebrate the holidays with you! Measures approx. 6" high

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Click Here to Buy at


House Rabbit Gift Idea #2

Meadow Grass Toy Ball

Meadow Grass Rabbit Toy Ball

2016 Halloween Rabbit Photo Contest Voting

And the winners are…..

First Place:  #3
Second Place: #11
Third Place: #1

Thank you everyone for participating and for giving these bunnies so much love!


We received almost 100 submissions to our contest!  My photographer daughter and I narrowed it down to the top 12 finalists that you will see below.  All images were chosen based on our own taste.  We judged by creativity, beauty, cuteness, and composition.  

You may only vote once every 24 hours.  Get your friends and family in on the voting too!  If your bunny is a contestant be sure to invite your friends from Facebook, Twitter, etc to vote for you!!

Christmas for Homeless Bunnies – 2012 Toys for Hops Drive

Toys for Hops Christmas Rabbit Toy Donation

This year many rabbits will be enjoying Christmas with their families.  They will get gifts and lots of love and kisses on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately there will be many more bunnies sitting in rescues and shelters on Christmas morning with no family to love them.  These bunnies are very well taken care of by the rescues who saved them, but funds are tight and many times only the necessities can be provided. 

Baskets for Bunnies has again decided that this Christmas season shelter bunnies should receive Christmas presents too.

Rabbit Survey Results


Last week we had a survey for both our Rabbit Blog (this one) and our Rabbit Toy Website (see it here).

We had over 300 respondents and a TON of great ideas!  But before I give you some of the results of the survey and the winners of our Drawing and "The Best Idea", I would like to say a few things.

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  It always touches me that our customers and readers care enough to give us a helping hand when we ask for it.  We where really lost as to what direction we should be taking and the survey gave us a much clearer vision.  

Hammie the House Rabbit Hero: Update

Earlier this week we posted an article about Hammie the rabbit who rescued his young owner from a diabetic episode.  If you have not read teh story yet, check it out here: Hero House Rabbit

We asked everyone to share the story so we could get it on the news and it seems to have worked!  Check out this local news story about Hammie and his lucky owners:

Let's keep this going!  Share with your friends and family, local news agencies, etc to spread the word of this wonderful bunny! (please be patient, the video takes a few seconds to load)