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DIY Cardboard Tunnel and Ball Rabbit Toy

Article Contributed by:  Rebecca Marie Steinmetz

Hello bunny lovers! We all know how expensive toys can be so today is two very inexpensive DIYs. I will be explaining how to make two ​simple DIYs in under t​ wenty minutes that your bunnies will love. This tutorial will be ideal for bunnies who love the chew on cardboard or love to burrow. This tutorial will make a cardboard ball and a tunnel. Let's jump right into this tutorial!

Supplies needed :
● Long cardboard box that your bunny can fit inside comfortably (I used a box from a bunny stroller but another option could be a large tv box)
● scissors
● pencil
● plate (or anything with circular shape for outlines)

1. The first step will be folding in your box edges and making sure there is no tape, or staples holding your box together. I used a box that had a bunny stroller in it. Then choose what side you would like to be the top.

2. Get your plate or circular objects and lay it on the top of the box. Trace around three or four circles on the top. Make sure they are evenly spaced and there is enough space between each hole.

3. Cut the holes out carefully and keep the extra circles because we will be using these in our next DIY.

4. The box should be bunny ready now, another way to make this more enjoyable for your bunny is by placing some toilet paper tubes inside. This makes it feel even more like a burrow for your bunny.

5. Place the box on the floor and let your bunny enjoy!


6. Let's start the next DIY.

7. With the circular cardboard pieces we are going to make a chew ball!

8. You only need three circular cardboard pieces so if you have more you may be able to make another one.

9. With the first cardboard circle you are going to make one slit that goes a little more than halfway through the center. Don't worry if the cut isn't very clean because you won't be able to tell later.

10. With the second cardboard circle you are going to make a slit that goes halfway though the circle and then two more slits the are parallel to the first. These only need to be a quarter of the way to the center.

11. With the final cardboard circle you are going to be cutting it directly in half. With the remaining two halves cut a slit in the center about one inch long.


12. Now you have all the pieces and all that's left is putting the ball together so take the first and second cardboard circle and insert the too long slits together.


13. Now take one of the halves of the third circle and insert it into the slits that are seen on the second circle.


14. Do this to both sides. If the haves don't fit all the way down cut the slit longer and keep adjusting until it fits right.

15. Now your cardboard chew ball is all ready for your buns!

I hope you guys liked this tutorial and I hope your bunnies will love the new toys you will be giving them. Have a great week Bunlovers!


Hello, My name is Rebecca and I am a hardcore bunny lover. I have only one bunny right now and his name is Precious. I had always wanted a bunny growing up and when I finally got one my life changed. Recently Precious has become a free range bunny in my room and has done exceptionally well! Precious' instagram is

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