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Do-it-Yourself Bunny Rabbit Playground

By Rhea Brown (with the help of her sidekicks, Bailey and Logan)

If your rabbits are anything like mine, they love to play!  Your bunnies will absolutely love their very own playground made out of cardboard boxes and tubes.  This project is cheap and only takes a few minutes to construct.

-Two sturdy cardboard boxes (we used 24"x18"x18")
-One cardboard cement form tube, cut to any length you desire (ours is 8" diameter and 25” long, purchased from Home Depot)
-Writing utensil
-Piece of scrap paper/newspaper
-Sharp utility knife

1. Put the scrap paper or newspaper on the ground, and stand the cardboard tube up, with the circular opening on the ground, on top of the scrap paper.

2. Using your pen/pencil, trace around the tube so that you’ve drawn a circle the same size as the cardboard tube on the scrap paper.

3. Using your scissors, cut out the circle from the scrap paper.  This will be your template for cutting a tube-sized hole in your cardboard boxes.

4. Place the scrap paper template of the circle on the side of a box.  Trace around the template so that you have a circle drawn on the box, then use your utility knife to cut out the circle (make sure bunnies and kids aren't near your work area- knives are dangerous for critters and kids!).  You should now have a hole in the box the exact same size as the cardboard tube.

5. Do the same thing on the second box.  You should now have two boxes with two identical circles cut out.

6. Decide where your bunny will enter and exit the boxes.  My bunnies like to have two "doors" in each box.  The doors can be any shape you'd like- circles, arches, squares- just make sure they're big enough for your bunny to fit through!

7. Here's the fun part: Take the big cardboard tube, and stick one end through one of the circular holes in one of the boxes.  Then take your second box, and stick the other end of the tube through the circular hole.  Your two boxes should now be attached by the cardboard tube!

8. It's playtime!  My bunnies wanted to check out their playground immediately.  You can also decorate your playground by adding windows to the boxes, or you can put blankets or pet beds into the boxes to make soft, comfy places for your bunny to lounge in- the possibilities are endless!

*Quick tip: if the cardboard tube is too long, you can cut it with a saw or a utility knife.  But be careful!  It's best to have one person hold the tube while the other cuts it.

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Hi! I'm Rhea, mom to Bailey and Logan, my two adorable rabbits. Bailey has her own blog full of house rabbit tips, ideas, and of course, silly pictures at


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