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Dwarf Hotot Rabbit? Rabbit Types Series (Video)

Dwarf Hotot Rabbit? This Rabbit Type video talks about two different rabbits but our focus is on Blinky Banana Pants and whether or not she is a Hotot Dwarf Rabbit!

This video series attempts to identify different breeds of rabbits for house rabbit owners who would like to know!


  1. Amy Amy

    Hi, When you were showing all the pictures of the dwarf hotot bunnies, I disagree when you said a lot of those were not hotot bunnies. I own a dwarf hotot that has black markings on her ears and also a black spot by her butt. Hotots have the eyeliner markings and usually don't show much of a neck. The dwarf hotots that are for showing are pure white with the black circles around their eyes. They also come in blue/brown and gray markings as well. The ones that have other markings are just not of showing material.I want to show you a picture of my bun Snowball. Let me know what you think. Also, she is 3 1/2 lbs. Thanks,

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