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Herman Cain Rabbit Ad Glorifies Animal Cruelty? (Video)

WARNING:  The video below contains implied graphic images of violence towards rabbits

At what point does implied animal abuse cross the line?  Herman Cain was a Republican candidate for the presidential run before pulling out last December.  While he has been quiet the last several months, this month he started to resurface with a series of ads with the intention of illustrating the dangers of "our economy on stimulus".  

Perhaps you remember the "Your brain on drugs" ads from the 80's?  Well it appears Herman has his own spin on the vintage commercial. Only this time, instead of using a lifeless egg, he is using live animals to make his point.

His first ad showed a goldfish knocked out of its bowl gasping for air.  Many people felt it was fairly cold hearted to use a goldfish as a political prop.  But the Cain camp did not learn from their mistakes and made the decision to run another ad.  Only this time, his prop was a rabbit.

Now, I do not dispute the fact that the rabbit and probably the goldfish are both well and fine.  It is obvious in the commercial that the rabbit in the air is not, in fact, a real bunny.  But this opens the question, "Does simply implying harm to an animal encorage abuse"?

While this commercial will not in itself cause a rational adult to go out and shoot a rabbit flying through the air, how many young boys, even teenagers will think this video is hilarious?  I have a feeling that the video will go viral simply because the bunny was shot in a "funny" way.  How many will attempt to duplicate the ad?

What do you think?  Do commercials like this make animal abuse more acceptable or will it shine a light on the ignorance of those who produced it?  What does this make you think of Herman Cain?  Leave your comments below the video but please, let's keep the discussion civil.  Any comments encouraging more violence, either for or against, will be deleted.  And of course, if you find this ad offensive go to Cain's website listed at the end of the video and tell him so!

  1. Beth Jackson Beth Jackson

    That's terrible.  I tried to go their website to complain, but it cannot accomodate such feedback.  Seriously, their so-called important message gets tossed out & forgotten about as soon as the violence starts.  Idiots.  I hate them for that video, I don't care how good their cause is.

    • Judith pierce Judith pierce

      They have a Facebook page. Go there and scream like hell. 

  2. Colleen R Colleen R

    should try some of these ads himself then see if he still wants to use an animal.

  3. Colleen R Colleen R

    maybe report it to PETA

  4. Pete Pete

    That’s disgusting and poorly done. Could have used a clay pigeon and gotten the same point across.

  5. Celia Celia

    Once I saw the rabbit shot, the message was lost.  This type of violence is not in any way, shape or form acceptable!

  6. morag foster morag foster

    i did not watch this video…no need to. too many of the same ilk are out there making it seem as if it is okay to cause harm to innocent creatures to put a point across! ads today disgust me..full of sexual innuendo or abuse of some sort…what is this telling the youth of today? you need to put a stop to this video and others like it. also put an end to the violent games that are filling the mind of kids today with completely wrong values. get a grip you and your like…imagine this landing on your own doorstep……….how would you like it then?

  7. Barry Barry

    Anyone who would make such an advert is mentally defective. The entire Cain team is at fault here. Why didn't they go all the way and put a human baby in place of the rabbit? Oh, what, that might go too far? Either way they are sickos and the only good thing that comes from this is that they have made an advert that exposes what kind of deranged monsters they really are. Most of these Republicans belong in prisons for the mentally insane. They are straight up sociopaths. And you want to be my President??? Get into the psycho ward with the guys who think they're Napoleon, Hitler and Jesus.

  8. Joanne Joanne

    Tell us what you are sick of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your
    disgusting abuse of creatures than cannot defend themselves.

  9. Linda Garcia Linda Garcia

    This was not an advertisement for Herman Cain but a message from him; that Herman Cain and his staff are advocates of animal cruelty.  Herman Cain's political career is over!

  10. Robin Robin

    The Bible says "Thou shalt not kill".  God exists in all life.  Can't escape your karma… 

  11. Renee Renee

    This ad needs to be pulled off the air…. is there anyone or anywhere we can write or email to tell them how disturbing this ad is?!?!

  12. lorraine lorraine

    Very very bad…..
    I believe this will get kids to do the unthinkable.
    And some really stupid adults!!

  13. Mary Mary

    I think YouTube should be petitioned to remove this video.  There is absolutely nothing redeeming about it.  Animal cruelty is offensive whether it is real or faked and there is no excuse for using it to promote any kind of a political message.  If he ever had any kind of a political future, Herman Cain is done.  He just catapulted himself into oblivion.

  14. Maura Maura

    Unbelieveable!  This is so disgusting.  If this doesn't portray animal cruelty – I don't know what does.

  15. Laurie Griffing Laurie Griffing

    This is a horrible ad and should be pulled if it isn't already.   Just unbelievable.  It is so violent that one forgets the message of the commerciial. What's the point???

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