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House Rabbits or Outdoor Rabbits

The emphasis on this article is to encourage everyone with a pet rabbit to please bring your loving pet indoors. Having a house rabbit will provide you with much more enjoyment, while seeing all the wonderful, cute things house rabbits do in their daily lives, those things you miss when you leave your rabbit outdoors, but you will also prolong their lives, and give them a social life that they will enjoy profusely! The quality of life for you both will increase dramatically! You will be able to notice changes in your pet rabbit that need immediate vet attention, as opposed to visiting your rabbit every few days while they are in a hutch and suddenly seeing him lifeless.

Even if you visit your pet rabbit while he's outside on a daily basis, you will probably only visit him once a day, hopefully to provide them with fresh water and feed, you can still find your pet in an undesirable condition, one that is irreversible at that point. Having your pet as a house rabbit will encourage more visits than if he's outside and will give you the chance to notice changes in his behavior that need the attention of a vet or constant monitoring on your part, to assure a specific condition does not worsen.

The social interaction that will be provided to your house rabbit will help him to become more at ease around humans and other animals. Often pet rabbits that are left outside to fend for themselves have little human interaction. And if you have other pets, whether they are dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, etc., you will find that your pet rabbit can socialize with them as well!

Many of us "older" people were raised that pet rabbits where always kept outside, but squashing those myths, it has been found that having a house rabbit is much better for your pet rabbit in so many ways. Again I have to mention the social aspect, which is so important, as well as being able to keep a close eye on your pet rabbit to notice any health changes. You will be much more likely to include your pet rabbit in daily happenings and to train and allow your rabbit to get the much needed exercise that he needs.

Though rabbits are not rodents, you would not leave your pet rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc., outdoors, much less your dogs or cats, caged to defend themselves against inclement weather or predators, right? Why wouldn't you consider a house rabbit? Yes, they require a larger cage than those smaller pets, but they do deserve the same daily attention as the rest.

I hope that I have convinced you to include your new pet in your home. Having a house rabbit will improve his quality of life and yours!

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  1. PamelaJaye PamelaJaye

    wrote a whole post but forgot to fill in name and email. even refreshed the captcha before hitting enter. got tossed out and upon return, my whole post was gone.
    then it decided my captcha was wrong
    luckily, I'm getting use to the internet stupidly tossing my work, so I copied before hitting submit.
    Due to my asthma, our bun lives in our spare bathroom with my duck Snuggles and the overly large HEPA Air Cleaner. (Snuggles has the tub and counter – and sometimes the cabinet over the toilet, and Anya has the floor – she likes to sleep in the corner under the toilet)
    We have a webcam on them to keep an eye on them – and cause Anya won't flop in front of a human)
    Now and then, Anya will "escape" the bathroom , but then she usually is found hiding under the couch. except for the time we couldn't find her for 2 hours – she was under a chair that we didn't know had an "under".
    She just finished a round of binkies that I couldn't see cause I was typing.
    So far the only thing she has chewed is the cord to the webcam. Meanwhile, when Snuggles is nesting, she has been known to rip wallpaper off the walls…
    At the moment, however, the three of us are in the back yard in the exercise pen.
    Yesterday I opened the pen door for the duck to come in and she didn't but I eventually noticed the bun had gotten out. when we found her and herded her back towards the porch, she decided to go into the exercise pen instead. What a good bunny!

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