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Indie Rock and the Rabbit

Album cover with Rabbit Inside our Heads

We are The Ovaltines (Dave and Jaime). Our bunny is Humphrey! We are a lo-fi indie pop band and we are in love with our bunny so much that we put him on our new album cover. The little guy is such a huge part of our lives that the opening song on the new LP is purely about him "Humphrey Hayflower"!
Humphrey has been a part of our music making since the beginning. We let him hang around with us in our home studio and he adds a nice warm vibe to working on music. He is the little guy that lays on our feet as we are trying to nail a bass or guitar part.
We roll his cage in when we record so he could have his bathroom breaks and grab a drink…in fact we even recorded him drinking his water bottle for the beginning of the tune "Lines Are Lies". We thought it was funny, you hear the metal clicking sound of him drinking and we thought it sounded like the high-hat cymbal part that starts the song…so we left it in as if he was playing on the song.    
One time when we were recording, we had our headphones on and suddenly the sound started to tune to static…we though we were going crazy but then we both looked down and saw that Humphrey had nibbled his way through our monitoring headphones. He was a dark furry mass surrounded by newly nibbled headphone cables! Usually we tuck everything away when he hangs out with us in the studio, but one wire flopped down and that was the end of those headphones. We didn't mind because we are so obsessed with him that he can't do much wrong in our eyes.  
So the opening track on our new album "Humphrey Hayflower", is a simple little tune that just praises our little guy. If you are a bunny owner than you most likely sing little cute songs to your bunny as you pet them….they may not make much sense but you sing them anyway. That's what this song is. He loves the hay flowers in the giant bag of hay we give him every week….so we called him  "Humphrey Hayflower", and when he lays down with his head head up after demolishing a troff size portion of hay we look at him and say to each other,"we wish we could be that fancy and free".  And as the song goes, " he is fancy, he is free, why can't we be…like Humphrey Hayflower!".
The tune is a feedback drenched pop song with 60's style vocals…we hope it becomes an indie rock classic…and Humphrey loves the loud music strange enough.  And to wrap it up, we are The Ovaltines…with our rabbit on our record cover and the album starts off with a song to honor our little guy and the album ends with our version of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit".  WE ARE TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH OUR BUNNY!

listening to music is Black Holland Lop Rabbit


We are The Ovaltines (dave and jaime. Our bunny is Humphrey Ontis Garheart….a 2 yr old Holland Lop. We love him so much that we put him on our new album cover and ever wrote the opening track to the album about him!


  1. thanks to all for reading the article and for sending love to our little guy!
    AND thanks for check out our music
    the ovaltines

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