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Introducing Hershey the House Rabbit

By G.G. Hall

I have had pet rabbits now for about 9 years. They are all rescues and came from one situation or another where they were not living a great life. Several were actually found running around in neighborhoods, most likely either escapees or possibly dumped into the outdoors when their owners no longer wanted them.

About four years ago, I decided that there had to be a way to let people know about the good qualities of rabbits as pets. I was upset to hear so many sad stories about rabbits that had been abandoned or even neglected. I thought, “what if a rabbit wrote his autobiography- telling about his life and his home and perhaps how he had discovered a way to secretly explore it?”

     What was it really like to be a rabbit?

Thus, the writing of the novel began. Hershey, who is one of my rabbits that I adopted from a shelter, had a friendly personality and somehow just seemed right for the book. But then the task of telling his story began. Where should I start? When he was born? When he went to the shelter?

 I tried these ideas for several months and finally decided “let’s start when he reaches his new home, after the shelter, where his new life begins as a spoiled rabbit living in a house with other rabbits and creatures.”

Slowly I began to think of some of the things my own rabbits had gotten into. They really do jump out of their pens. They liked to chew on books and explore the living room.  And the Christmas tree was a very interesting object to investigate. Meanwhile, I also developed the friendships between Hershey and the other rabbits and the other pets, such as the birds and the turtles that I also actually have as pets.

     Finally, though, there had to be a climax- a turning point.

     What would happen if Hershey and his new pal Pepper the Rabbit escaped into the outdoors? What dangers would they face? I drew upon many dangers that a pet rabbit, released into the wild might really face. And then I had to figure out how they would make their way back home. This was probably the most difficult part to write!

    51lzQCVMzNLMy message rings throughout the book that rabbits can be intelligent, curious and very complex creatures. People often mistake them for little furry pets that stay in cages, which is far from the truth. So hopefully, my book will open many people’s eyes up about rabbits and perhaps also open up a few hearts to adopt one from a shelter as a pet. I have now adapted it into an e-book for both the Kindle and the Nook. I donate a percentage of profits to rabbit rescue. And, of course, Hershey continues to be the spoiled, sweet, entertaining rabbit that will begin blogging very soon.

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Georgiana Hall (pen name G.G. Hall) is the author of the novel “Hershey- A Tale of a Curious House Rabbit.” She has masters’ degrees in both physics and engineering and currently works in the Physics Department at Florida International University in Miami, Florida as a laboratory supervisor. She is an educator and a volunteer for her local chapter of the House Rabbit Society and serves on the board of the South Florida Writers’ Association as well as the Tropical Audubon Society. Ms. Hall has written numerous articles for various animal rescue organizations and has written several editorials which have appeared in USA Today and the Miami Herald. She and her rabbit novel were featured in an article by pet columnist Sharon Peters in a USA Today article back in January 2011.  She and husband Oren- who is also a physicist- share their home with six rescue rabbits and several birds. All of these pets appear as characters in the novel.  She is currently working on 2 other middle grade fantasy novels and hopes to publish one by the end of 2012.

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