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Little Girl in North Haven Being Told to Get Rid of Her Rabbit Due to Old Ordinance


Over the weekend you may have seen this story in the news or online.  Now you can do something to help! has a petition going to help this young girl keep her pet rabbit against a town that is calling on a strange ordinance to make the family get rid of their bunny.
Below is the link to the petition but first, in case you've missed it, here are details via the website:
"The Lidsky Family of North Haven need your help to keep their child’s beloved pet bunny. 
They have been told that an old ordinance in North Haven says people in town aren't allowed to have rabbits on their property if they're not a certain size. However, it's not the size of the rabbit, but the size of the family's property that has the town of North Haven saying the rabbit must be removed from the Lidsky home. 
"I don't want the bunny to go," says Kayden, age 7. 
A cease and desist order was issued last month informing the family zoning laws do not allow livestock nor rabbits on lots under two acres."
Click the link below to sign a petition to allow this little girl to keep her bunny and hopefully change the ordinance!


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