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Love Bunny Sterling Silver Charm – Product Review

Love Bunny Sterling Silver Charm

The Love Bunny Sterling Silver Charm, designed by jewelry artisan Mark Poulin, is certain to catch the eye, and heart, of anyone who loves house bunnies, as well as anyone who appreciates a bit of whimsy mixed with unique style.   The lighthearted design bespeaks the playful nature of house rabbits, immediately identifiable to those devotees and fans of this breed of adorable house pet.  
Designer and artist Mark Poulin has long been appreciated for his ability to capture the fun and whimsical nature of pets and a variety of animal companions in his drawings.  Poulin combines his love of metalwork with his talent for animal art to create this charming and practical piece of jewelry.
The Love Bunny Sterling Silver Charm dangles playfully from a 16” chain and can be worn casually or as an object of art in a bit more formal way.  The charm itself is cast in durable .925 sterling silver and comes on a corded silver chain.  The charm is removable, should the wearer prefer to put it on another chain, however, the nature of the charm itself is somewhat artsy and for that reason, the circular corded chain provides just the right touch.  Also, given the high-quality sterling silver, the pendant tends to be a bit heavy and may not hang right on a finer chain.
Anyone who appreciates unique fashion accessories will simply love this piece. Those who share a love and respect for the animal depicted on the charm will find this endearing tribute to bunnies heartwarming.   This necklace makes the perfect token of remembrance for someone who has lost a beloved house bunny companion.   Poulin is a true craftsman in his field and this charm reflects his talents.
When you wear this eye catching example of bunny love, you’ll be paying homage to your favorite friend and companion.  Give this beautiful necklace as a gift to a friend, loved one, or yourself to pay tribute to a forever friend or as a way to show the world your passion.  The sterling silver necklace complements any attire and is sure to get plenty of notice, offering the wearer a chance to wax on about her favorite bunny rabbit.  A charming way to call attention to your love for rabbits and a fashionable piece of jewelry, all at an incredible value.



  1. Anne-Marie Ubels Anne-Marie Ubels

    I got this necklace from a friend for Christmas.  I love it and I get compliments all the time!  It did tarnish a bit, but after polishing it, it looks new again!  I definitely recommend it.

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