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Massive Rabbit Rescue Effort in California

Bunnies in Ontario California need help!  Caroline Charland of Bunny Bunch is reaching out for support in a massive rabbit rescue effort like she has never seen before.

From The Daily Bulletin:

"More than 200 domestic rabbits – some with broken limbs and missing ears – have been breeding in unsanitary conditions and have migrated to adjacent businesses.

'This is the largest rescue in California, if not one of the largest in the U.S.,' said Charland, the founder of Montclair-based Bunny Bunch.  Charland contends people have been dumping their domestic rabbits there for two decades.

Utilizing a grant from a local pet store, Bunny Bunch was able to spay and neuter about 100 the loose rabbits.  The organization, however, has run out of funding and needs at least $8,000 from the public to continue their efforts.

'And now it's a race against time,' Charland said.

'If we don't do anything in the next couple of weeks, then it's like we've done nothing,' she said. 'It has to carry on.'"

If you would like to help Bunny Bunch with a monetary donation, go to their donation here:



  1. Cathie Green Cathie Green

    I don't have money to help you. I would if I could. I live in Ohio and I'm seeing the results of Easter Bunnies too. People just turn them loose when they eat the house, pee on the floor, etc… I have the Tazz! Education is the answer and Rabbits are a very good pet. My Tazzy doesn't get into as much as a cat will, and of course you know that. My prayers are all I can give you.

  2. Hi – I wanted to let you know that I added your post to our Blog Hop on Bunny's Blog!

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