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Meet Lionel the House Rabbit

Guest Contributor Laura Biondi

Dear Readers,

Hi!  I’m Lionel!  My person, Laura, wanted me to tell you a little about myself.  I am 2ish years old.  I am a VERY handsome Lionhead mix, so I am fluffy and have very dashing muttonchops.  Quite dignified.  I also have wispy bangs that fall over my eyes, because I‘m a rebel.  I spend lots of time fixing my ’do, of course, but what dashing rabbit wouldn’t?

I had a different home before this one, but I don’t really want to talk about it.  I ended up in a shelter, then Laura came and took me home with her.  That’s when all the fun began!

Laura loves to spoil me.  I have lots of toys and treats, hay and pellets.  She used to feed me grass and clover from her yard, but not anymore.  I got snuffles soon after I moved in with her, and when she took me to the doctor he said I probably got it from an outside bunny who was eating the same yummy grass!  That same doctor also did something to me: I fell asleep, and when  I woke up… well… THINGS were missing!  Laura was right there when I woke up, and that made me feel better, since she was keeping an eye on me the whole time.

I enjoy running and playing, leaping and jumping, and especially terrorizing my two kitty-sisters!  The orange one sometimes lets me play tag with her (she runs, I tag) all around the living room, but the other one is SUPER scared of me!  I like to leap up onto the couch and scare the bajeezus out of her!  Once, I accidentally landed on top of her!  Man, can she run!  Laura says that’s not very nice, but it’s really fun!

I don’t mind not having bunny friends.  I like having all Laura’s attention for myself.  I don’t like to be picked up, but I do like to snuggle with her in a blanket all curled up on the couch.  That also makes it easy to sneak up on unsuspecting kitties!

All in all, I have a pretty awesome time with Laura.  She stacks things (blocks, cups, yarn, etc) and I knock them over.  She finds new textures for me to lick – my favorites are socks and t-shirts.  We snuggle and sometimes I even let her brush me, but only for a couple of seconds (I don’t want her to ruin my perfectly styled fur).  She gives me lots of yummy treats and keeps me safe and warm. 

I will close with a thank-you to everyone who has a pet bunny.  We love you, our people, and knowing how much you love us makes us the happiest pets in the world!




About Laura Biondi – Laura has owned rabbits since she was in her teens. Lionel has been a rabbit his whole life. Laura loves to crochet, and Lionel loves to un-crochet.


Note:  The above article was submitted by a guest author.  All articles written by guest authors do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of

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