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I Love My House Rabbit Posts

Essential Oils – The Hidden Dangers For Well-Meaning Rabbit Lovers

As our country starts paying attention to organic products and natural healing, more and more people are learning about aromatherapy.  Rabbit owners by far pay much more attention to adverse affects of chemicals on their pets since rabbits are super sensitive.  

That is why I felt the need to share the article I found below.  While many of us are moving away from "man made chemicals", too many of us feel that the natural oils found in aromatherapy products are not harmful at all.  In fact, many times the opposite is true.  

Goodbye to a Pet Bunny

Our pet bunny, Tinkle Toes, passed away this morning. Even though we were expecting his death, the reality of the inevitable did not diminish our sadness. Thankfully, our pet seemed to die peacefully in his sleep. We buried him in the forest this morning before CB had to go in for work.

Tinkle Toes was a small, black, Lionhead bunny. We got him when he was about six weeks old. CB went into the mall for new glasses and the pet store was right next door. The litter of bunnies was just too tempting and we both returned the next day to add another pet bunny to our household.

What is a Rabbit?


If you have a house rabbit there may be several behaviors you don't understand.  I found this video on YouTube that asks the question "What is a Rabbit" and answers it with an interesting discussion on wild rabbit anatomy and behavior.  Understanding these natural instincts and behaviors could help your rabbit live a happier life inside you home!  Watch the video here:


Homeless Man Saves Pet Rabbit from Liffey River in Ireland

How far would you go to save your bunny from a life threatening situation?  
The following news article is over a year old but I just recently found it.  I am amazed by the dedication of this man to his animals and the true love they share!

"John Byrne doesn’t claim to possess much in life — he has been homeless for more than two decades and has no job — but at least he has his pets, his beloved possessions: two dogs and Barney, his bunny.

Stories Rabbits Tell: Review

Misconceptions About Rabbits Explained

We have come across many times where references to rabbits have been probed and in most of the occasions, society refers to rabbits in a negative way. However, in the book, “Stories Rabbits Tell” writers Susan Davis with Margo Demello has removed this misconception to a decent extent. She has brought out different aspects of the rabbits’ intrinsic qualities and created a unique opinion in the minds of her readers. She has strived to expose all the finer qualities of rabbits and usher in the changed notion of these animals as a intelligent creatures that deserve our respect.

Video: Stress Free Nail Trimming for Rabbits

Do you have a hard time trimming your bunnies nails?  If you have the patience the technique in the video below is a low stress way to both trim your buns nails and actually start click training your bun too!  Watch how excited the bun is at the beginning of the video, does your bunny get that excited about nail trimming time???


For more information about clicker training your bunny check out the book "Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit"

To find a great pair of clippers check these out on Amazon.


Realistic Rabbits in Children’s Literature

By Emily Allgeyer

Pat the Bunny is a children's classic.  But what if the bunny doesn't want to be patted?  My bunnies are writing a book called Stop Trying to Pat Me and Give Me a Craisin.

Children's books are loaded with bunny rabbits.  Some of them are anthropomorphized humans, some of them are bunny-esque and some of them are just plain silly.

Video: Wild Rabbit Meets a Domestic Rabbit

This is a great video.  A wild rabbit decides to make friends and interact with a domestic bunny through a screen door!  It's pretty cool to see just how interested the wild bunny is in his domestic cousin!  Kind of reminds me of the story about the country mouse and city mouse 🙂  The video starts a little slow but the two start interacting at about 1:50

Rabbit Rescued During Hurricane Irene

Just a few minutes ago I read an excellent article about how a bunny found a home and a couple found love during Hurricane Irene last year.  The blog Bunny Slippers posted this story and I felt compelled to share it with you here.  If you want to read the full story on the Bunny Slippers blog, click here.  Below is an excerpt from their article:

Massive Rabbit Rescue Effort in California

Bunnies in Ontario California need help!  Caroline Charland of Bunny Bunch is reaching out for support in a massive rabbit rescue effort like she has never seen before.

From The Daily Bulletin:

"More than 200 domestic rabbits – some with broken limbs and missing ears – have been breeding in unsanitary conditions and have migrated to adjacent businesses.

'This is the largest rescue in California, if not one of the largest in the U.S.,' said Charland, the founder of Montclair-based Bunny Bunch.  Charland contends people have been dumping their domestic rabbits there for two decades.

Rabbit Obesity a Growing Trend

In our culture today most of us are struggling with our weight.  Since our pets live so close to us it is no wonder they are experiencing the same problems.  For the past several years dog and cat obesity has been widely recognized.  

The online newspaper Adelaide Now recently featured a vet in Australia that is trying to bring public attention to the issue of rabbit obesity.  And she has some unique solutions she's using in her practice!

The story from Adelaide Now:

"OVERFED rabbits are joining the ranks of the nation's obese pets and some are taking part in animal weight-loss programs to help shed excess fat.

Rabbit Grooming 101

By Kai B Gomez 

Rabbits, by nature are meticulous cleaners. Much like cats, they keep themselves clean by using their tongue. You can see them clean their face using their paws as washcloths moisten by their saliva. As social creatures, rabbits help groom each other's hard-to-reach areas.

While rabbits pretty much clean themselves, a good grooming from their person wouldn't hurt. In fact, it can help prevent health problems often gone unnoticed. It's a great bonding activity for you and your bun.

Beatrix Potter’s Rabbits – Bouncer Bunny and Peter Piper

14743512833_ffb28274ee_oMany people know Beatrix Potter by her famous story of Peter Rabbit who broke into Mr. McGregor's garden.

But few realize that Beatrix was a naturalist and true bunny lover!  The picture shown here is of Beatrix and her first rabbit "Benjamin Bouncer".  

Recently I looked into more of the history of Beatrix and her bunnies.  Here is what I found on Penguin's (book publisher) website:

"Benjamin Bouncer

Elegant Rabbit Proof Home

By Laura Edward

The previous article on rabbit proofing included some great tips.  The biggest was probably “don’t underestimate your bunny’s ability to get out of even the most secured pen or away from your watchful eye even for a moment.”  I have had some rabbit-proofing failures in my home.  For example, there have been a few dropped phone calls after the phone line had been sawed in two.  Also, my husband had to explain to the nice cable TV lady why some of the buttons on the remote were chewed down to nubs.   And I’ve even had a Playstation controller wire chomped through while actually playing a game.  

Rabbit Cafe’s in Japan – Bring Your Own Bunny

Can Rabbit Cafe's in Japan reduce stress and increase quality of life for Tokyo residents?

Over the past year Japan has seen a surgence in the number of "Rabbit Cafe's".  Much like Cat Cafe's, the Rabbit Cafe allows patrons to snuggle with a bunny even though they can not have one themselves.  Since most Japanese apartments do not allow pets, the citizens have resorted to cafe's where they can find the joy and relaxation only a pet can bring.

Watch the video below to experience a Rabbit Cafe yourself and learn the new meaning of BYOB!

Herman Cain Rabbit Ad Glorifies Animal Cruelty? (Video)

WARNING:  The video below contains implied graphic images of violence towards rabbits

At what point does implied animal abuse cross the line?  Herman Cain was a Republican candidate for the presidential run before pulling out last December.  While he has been quiet the last several months, this month he started to resurface with a series of ads with the intention of illustrating the dangers of "our economy on stimulus".  

Perhaps you remember the "Your brain on drugs" ads from the 80's?  Well it appears Herman has his own spin on the vintage commercial. Only this time, instead of using a lifeless egg, he is using live animals to make his point.