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Rabbit Cafe’s in Japan – Bring Your Own Bunny

Can Rabbit Cafe's in Japan reduce stress and increase quality of life for Tokyo residents?

Over the past year Japan has seen a surgence in the number of "Rabbit Cafe's".  Much like Cat Cafe's, the Rabbit Cafe allows patrons to snuggle with a bunny even though they can not have one themselves.  Since most Japanese apartments do not allow pets, the citizens have resorted to cafe's where they can find the joy and relaxation only a pet can bring.

Watch the video below to experience a Rabbit Cafe yourself and learn the new meaning of BYOB!


What do you think of this idea?  Inspired?  Do you feel the bunnies are enjoying themselves as much as the patrons?  Would this idea work in the US?  Would there be a way to combine this idea with rabbit rescue events?  Comment below!

  1. Not really sure what I think of this, definitly great for the people, but my buns would not like it at all!  Although if they had grown up used to it and they are treated as well as the seem to be then it might be completely different.
    It is great to see rabbits getting attention and reccognition as the great pets they are. 

  2. Lynne Lynne

    I saw a number of the bunnies mounting other bunnies, and I am wondering if they are neutered.  If not, what happens to all the babies?  Rabbits are prolific breeders, and I am concerned for the surplus bunnies that result.

    • Karen Karen

      Lynne –
      Mounting can be a sign of dominance and establishing of social order, not simply mating. I would imagine they are neutered but, especially if people are allowed to bring their own pets to socialize, the bunnies will quickly go about re-establishing their ranking by doing things like mounting another rabbit. Strangely enough, my spayed female is the most voracious about this… and obviously she's not going to get anywhere by mounting another rabbit. ;0)

      • stacey stacey

        i had two spayed females who liked to mount a stuffed bunny they were both dominate personalitys

  3. Tiffany Tiffany

    I would love to open a bunny cafe here in Orlando, fl.
    I have a holland Lop, Lola, and a french Lop, Mr. Chubbles.

    I teach kindergarten and bring them to school daily. They love it and the kids love it. Both buns are fixed and bonded.

    What a fun idea!

  4. I think these cafe are a great idea. Its taking rabbits and giving them a long lasting, caring home. If the rabbits are very friendly they must be well looked after. It takes alot of care and attention to get your rabbit to be so trusting. I think this is great, If I ever get to Japan. I will be going in. I wish they had something like that here. I'd love to take my house rabbit and see how she gets on with other rabbits.

  5. I think it could be good and it could be bad. It could be an excellent touchpoint for advocacy and adoptions, that's for sure. But it wouldn't work for just any bunny – only outgoing, social, confident types. So I think it would have to be attached to a rescue or shelter becuase there would have to be a place for bunnies who turned out not to enjoy it to go back to. And the controls would have to be pretty serious – I mean the bunny-proofing of the space, and monitoring of both bunnies and patrons. I can certainly foresee many disasters happening in a place like this – but I don't think it necessarily has to be that way.

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