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Rabbit Fun – A Day in the Life of Bambi the Bunny

By: Sharon from UK

Today’s the day when the cleaning needs to be done all around the house, including Bambi’s room.

He doesn’t like my vacuum cleaner, because of the noise, so I have to put him outside in my garden for an hour or so whilst I clean. I closed the door behind me so he wouldn’t come in whilst I was cleaning.

After cleaning, I went to open the door to let Bambi back in, but before I could, I caught him binkying around the garden. I decided to watch. He kept stopping and coming to the door to see if I would let him in, and when I didn’t he would run and binky around the garden, stopping at the door again. I decided to have some fun with him and opened the door and closed it again whenever he came near it.

After a couple of seconds I opened it again to watch him binkying around the garden and he came back to the door. I closed it again before he could come inside and we carried on in this cycle for a good few minutes. He then decided to include jumping on one of my garden chairs to the routine. I went to get my camera and managed to get a photo, before he jumped off and ran inside (I made the mistake of leaving the door open). After I followed him inside I closed the door.

Bambi didn’t like this one bit and went back to the door, waiting for me to open it again. When I didn’t, he decided to start digging on the door and so I opened it to let him back out. He then decided he didn’t want to go back out and spent nearly half an hour just standing by the door. When he finally went to his room, I got up to close the door. Naturally he heard this and came back to the door again. I told him he couldn’t go back out now because I was getting very cold, so he headed back to his room and sat in his freshly cleaned litter tray to munch on the hay, whilst I relaxed in front of the TV.

When he finished eating, he came into the sitting room, had his bath and did a bunny flop. He slept until dinnertime, occasionally waking up to clean himself or to move to a different spot in the room. When dinnertime came he woke up and saw me on my laptop. He jumped onto the sofa and hopped onto me and my laptop to remind me that it’s feeding time.

I got up and fed him some carrot peelings and I started to prepare some pasta for my dinner. When he finished eating he did another bunny flop. After he slept for a few more hours he reminds me that it’s bed time by jumping back on me, so I fed him some lettuce and his pellets for his night time meal, before heading to bed.

When I head for the kitchen to get his food, he is running right behind me and looks at the food in my fridge. He then follows me to his room and runs around in circles, until finally getting into his hutch to eat. I never lock him in his hutch because it’s cruel and unnecessary, as he has his own room.

His room is bunny proofed and also filled with his litter tray, the box my vacuum cleaner came in, some empty toilet rolls and some old phone books for him to play with (as well as a dining table and chairs for him to sleep under. Before I got Bambi the room was my dining room).


Sharon from UK: I'm Bambi's slave and very interested in rabbits.

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