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Video: Rabbit Herding Sheep Like a Dog!!

I found this video Amazing!  Some house rabbit owners know what it's like to have their rabbit chase them and try to "herd" them.  But who knew that sheep would be startled by something so small!  This rabbit really shows some gumption!  Let me know what you think the comments below:


  1. Paula Humerick Paula Humerick

    That'll do, bun!

  2. Reka Muller Reka Muller

    My rabbit chased my cusins dog! 😀 the doggy waz terrified of the tiny little fluffy pet haha waz very funny!!
    this bunny is adoroble! he is amazing 😉

  3. Kelly Kelly

    I so wish my father was alive to see this. I was raised on a farm with sheep and rabbits. Never have I thought of using one of our rabbits as a sheep dog. So awesome and cute. I was amazed when the sheep would challenge him he would right away jump at them and stand his ground.Bunny Power

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