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Rabbit Play Pen – Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen Review

Rabbit Play Pen from MidwestMidwest Gold-Zinc Indoor-Outdoor Pet Exercise Pen – Rabbit Play Pen

All house rabbit owners would agree that exercising your pet is equally as important as diet and socialization to the overall health and well-being of your bunny.    Some individuals may choose to set up an area within the home, or outdoors under the supervision of the owner.  In either case, an exercise pen, or x-pen, allows the pet to roam and satisfy his or her curious nature, while still offering a secure and safe environment.   The Midwest Gold-Zinc Indoor-Outdoor Pet Exercise Pen  offers you an opportunity to let your house rabbit play and explore, yet still stay within the confines of the safe environment.

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The dimensions of the Midwest Indoor-Outdoor pen are perfect for keeping your bunny safe while still  offering a good bit of space.  This pen is easy to set up, requiring no tools, and it comes with ground stakes and corner stabilizers.  The double-latch  door provides peace of mind for the owner and secure access for even the most talented bunny.

Made of acrylic-coated gold zinc, this sturdy rabbit x-pen offers both durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.    The pen is available in five different heights, so accommodating your house rabbit is easy.   Although marketed with dog owners in mind, this pet exercise pen is ideal for your rabbits as well.  

If you have adequate space and a safe area for your bunny to explore, the pen’s eight panels fold out to create a handy room divider.  It can be positioned to create an octagon or a rectangle.  You can even take your house rabbit with you when you visit friends as the pen folds up and flattens for  complete portability.  Rugged, sturdy and affordable, this rabbit play pen is definitely worth investigating. 

Midwest Play Pen for RabbitsSome consumers may be concerned about the stability of the Gold-Zinc Indoor-Outdoor pet pen.  A few previous owners have found the clips that hold the sides in place to be somewhat flimsy.   As with most x-pens, you can reinforce the stability yourself.  Just make sure the material you use has no sharp edges and won’t harm your house rabbit in any way. 

The x-pen is essential for exercising your house rabbit while maintaining a safe environment.  This rabbit play pen is a proven value, easy to assemble, and versatile.

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