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Rabbit Proofing Your Home

Rabbits are social and curious critters by nature.   Your house rabbit will enjoy spending time with you and your family and will want to investigate the new surroundings at the every opportunity.  You should help to satisfy your friend’s curious nature, but do so in a rabbit friendly environment.  In other words, rabbit proofing your home is essential to ensure your pet’s safety and prevent damage to your belongings before bringing your new friend home to live.

Making sure your rabbit is well-adjusted means he will have his own habitat, in the form of a cage or pen, or perhaps one of the popular bunny-condos.   You’ll also want to take your rabbit out of the pen for supervised exercise and playtime and frequent cuddling and socializing opportunities.  However, don’t underestimate your bunny’s ability to get out of even the most secured pen or away from your watchful eye even for a moment.  It only takes a moment for your house rabbit’s curiosity to get the better of him.

You’ll want to prevent electrical shocks by removing active wires, computer cables, television connectors, and the like from your bunny’s reach.  Keep in mind that your rabbit can reach over a foot high when on hind legs.  Investing in a cord concealer or pvc pipe is a good way to prevent an accident.  

Make sure your house rabbit can’t get access to the underside of furniture like couches or chairs.  They’re instinctive need to be in an enclosed space can mean the end of your upholstered furniture.  It’s also in your rabbit’s nature to chew on wood, so exposed table legs or any wooden furniture is at risk.   Providing chew toys or pieces of wood your rabbit is allowed to chew will help re-direct the need to gnaw on your favorite end table.   Keep important pictures, books, documents and similar items somewhere your paper-shredding pal can‘t get at them.

Because your house rabbit is exceptionally social and intelligent, you can expect to be able to train him, within reason, not to enter certain rooms, not to chew and to stay within whatever boundaries you determine.  But, your house rabbit, because of her intelligence, can easily become bored, which can bring out a destructive side.  When this happens your sweet bunny rabbit can turn your once tidy home into something akin to a fraternity house on a Monday morning!

Rabbit-proofing your home not only includes keeping your house bunny out of harm’s way.  It also means you have a responsibility to make sure your pet is entertained and gets a healthy amount of exercise in order to keep curiosity satisfied.  Your house rabbit needs mental stimulation in order to be content.  Consider getting a few toys for your new friend.

Empty oatmeal boxes, bare paper towel rolls, hard plastic toys approved for babies, and magazines or newspapers printed with soy ink are just a few of the no-to-low-cost items your new friend will enjoy.  Remember, your bunny is first and foremost a social creature, preferring your company to any plaything.  Spend  time playing and getting to know your house rabbit and enjoy your new friend, but be sure to keep him safe.


Photo Source: [nivs] via flickr

    • Amanda Amanda

      A light smear of vics vapour rub and no more chewing 😁 it has limited the destruction to our skirtings immensely!!

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