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Rabbit Rescued During Hurricane Irene

Just a few minutes ago I read an excellent article about how a bunny found a home and a couple found love during Hurricane Irene last year.  The blog Bunny Slippers posted this story and I felt compelled to share it with you here.  If you want to read the full story on the Bunny Slippers blog, click here.  Below is an excerpt from their article:

"Hurricane Irene did lots of damage along the east coast of the United States in 2011. It was compared to potentially having the devastation of the Hurricane of '38 (this is before they started naming hurricanes).  Well, this lady and her husband, that I met last night, were "battoning down the hatches" in preparation for the hurricane.  They prepared a spot in their barn as a safe place to stay to ride out the hurricane because they were afraid that a very huge old tree with very huge and heavy branches was hanging over their house. They figured they would feel safer and more secure in their barn.

While early in the storm, the lady ran into the house to check something, deciding it would be better to be sure if something was in place before the storm began to approach at it's fullest strength.  The lady heard a little scratching at her back door and thought that perhaps something had already hit the house, and figured she move it. When she opened the door and looked down, she saw a soaked weary looking fawn colored lop ear rabbit.  She immediately opened the outer door and picked him up and wrapped him in a towel. She knew a little about rabbits because she had one as a girl.

The lady grabbed some more towels and decided to run back to the barn before the storm started to get worse as she heard the wind and rain getting louder against her house. When safely back in the barn she sat near a little heater with the rabbit and tried to dry off the limp little guy.  She actually had a cage, bowl and water bottle in the barn she used to nurse a baby squirrel many years before. She cleaned the cage the best she could under the circumstances and put the little boy bunny in it. They gave the bunny some hay they had and some water. Although not enthusiastically, he nibbled and drank a little water. The lady and her husband didn't quite know what to do with the bunny.

After the storm passed, their house had no major damage. They went in but left the bunny in the cage in the barn. They put signs up in front of their house and in the community hoping to find his owners.  After research on rabbit care and taking care of him for a few weeks, the couple became very fond of him and decided to keep him. He stayed in the barn a little longer while the weather become colder.

They brought him in the house, did more research, rabbit-proofed the house, put out litter boxes, "fenced off" areas that were his to play in and built him a NIC bunny condo. The husband named him Rabbit (affectionately called "Rabbi T".). He started eating well and became very active.

The bunny loves to play with toys-tubes filled with hay  are his favorite.  Rabbit loves to do "nose bonks", do Bunny 500s, binkies and sometimes challenges the wife (the more dominant of the human couple to Rabbit). He gets 5 hours of play and runaround time and sounds like one very happy rabbit."

Wow!  What a great story!  It seems like everybody has their own special story about how bunnies came into their lives.  We want to hear YOUR story!  Click here to submit your story and bunny pictures and we may publish it here on our site to inspire and lift up others!

    • Lynne Lynne

      What a wonderful story–lucky bunny!!

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