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Rabbits Rescued from a Hoarding Situation in Ohio

Rescued Rabbits in Ohio

There are more than 30 rabbits in Ohio that need your help!

One of our readers, Susan Schroeder, sent us the following information:

Last July the Tuscarawas County Humane Society rescued over 80 rabbits, as well as dozens of other animals, from a "hoarding situation" in Ohio.  TCHS has been caring for these rabbits since then waiting for the court to grant them custody.  On March 9th the shelter received full custody rights of the rabbits and is now trying to find the bunnies new homes.
Of course taking care of 80 plus rabbits can take it's toll, especially since they have cared for them for over 10 month's now!
10 volunteers went to the TCHS shelter and did a massive clean up and put ceramic tiles in the rabbit cages, along with litter boxes and some toys!  Susan Schroeder took 5 rabbits home with her ~ one was adopted by a woman in her home town of Pittsburgh and four were medical/behavior rabbits that Rabbit Wranglers took in.  They have 7 of the Tuscawaras County rabbits in their care, as they took in 3 earlier this week.
Seven Holland Lops are being taken by another, larger shelter and one rabbit was adopted while Susan was there.  Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary took 2 more.  That leaves 34 rabbits at the shelter.  The shelter isn't allowing people out of their county to foster any rabbits, but they will allow out-of-state adoptions.
While conditions at the shelter are not optimal they are MUCH better than the conditions they where in.  This shelter and multiple volunteers have done a wonderful job taking care of these rabbits  to the best of their resorces.  
TCHS is still in desperate need of supplies and has specifically requested rabbit toys for the bunnies since the rabbits can not leave their cages as often as would be preferred.  We are making a donation ourselves but if you would like to send TCHS a rabbit toy donation, we will match it!  Click here to make a toy donation.  Put "TCHS" in the comments field and we will make sure it gets to them.
If you would like to make a donation directly to TCHS, please mail to:


Ohio Broken Castor Mini Rex Rabbit
Attn: Megan Kovalaske 
Tuscarawas County Humane Society 
6895 Dover Zoar Rd NE 
Dover, OH 44622


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