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Rabbit Toy Giveaway


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5 Winners Picked Every Week!

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5 Winners will be picked each week and you will remain in the drawing each week, even if you have already won!  Winners will receive a Free Rabbit Toy of our choice in the Mail within a week of winning!

You only need to enter once.

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If you are one of our 5 winners for the week your name will be announced in our Monday House Rabbit Inbox Magazine.  Plus you will remain in the drawing for a chance to win again! 

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Only one entry per household.  We will remove multiple entries going to the same physical address.  If you unsubscribe from the offers or magazine you will be removed from the drawing.  Toys sent will vary, the image above does not neccessarily represent what you will receive.



  1. CLare muller CLare muller

    i have 5 bunnies! I would love a toy!

  2. Stephanie Stephanie

    I have 12 rabbits, they would love it.

    • Lyn Lyn

      My British giant Crystal would love to open a parcel with a toy in ! What a great site 

  3. Stu Wright Stu Wright

    Have 2 bunnies…Steve (who had first we thought was Stella) a mini rex…and Stella a mini rex lop mix…
    love our bunnies…

  4. shana-kay barrett shana-kay barrett

    I would really love to get a rabbit toy. My rabbit has only one toyy:(

  5. ondine ondine

    my bella bunny would love a toy 🙂
    is this the entry????

  6. Peggysue1971 Peggysue1971

    Thank you for doing this for the bunnies!

  7. Kate Kate

    My giant french lop Momiji would be delighted 😀

  8. Jessica Myer Jessica Myer

    Can’t wait to win! I feel the karma…

  9. Terri Friesner Terri Friesner

    I have 6 buns…my youngest is 3, my oldest is 12-Go ZoomZoom!  I had never had a rabbit until my husband wanted one as he had them growing up.  They are so expressive and their personalities are so vivid.  I sure hope I win a toy for my ZoomZoom!!

  10. Lisa M Musch Lisa M Musch

    I have grown up with rabbits, had them all my life. I purchased a rabbit from a rescue center and I just love him, he is is the cutest little thing! There is something about rabbits that is just so cute and adorable! Before having Smokey (our current bunny) I had 2 bunnies of which one of them died of Pasterella, for nearly 7 years we gave him medicine to keep him healthy, but at he end he died because he couldn't breath. His name was Brownie, and was the best bunny I could ever had. He loved attention, loved to picked up and carried around, I think he thought he was a baby. Rabbits really do make great pets!

  11. cal fallier cal fallier

    I have purchased many bunny toys from timali/ pet rabbit,my bunny “angel” loves her toys,,and the quality is excellent,,i buy my bunny only the best,,i love to spoil her

  12. cal fallier cal fallier

    I own a bunny i adopted from gainesville rabbit rescue,,i then became a volunteer,,most rewarding thing i ever been involved with in my life,,i donate food,,as well as visit their bunny barn to clean cages,feed and water them,,and most important,,i pet and hold them,,giving them very much needed love,i wish i could adopt them all,i recently donated 2 donation packs of toys from pet rabbit

  13. Mogi and Candy Girl Mogi and Candy Girl

    It would be so much fun for my little candy girl to have a toy like that.  I spoil her rotten and I love her to death.  I purchased her at a county fair.  She and I have been through a lot but together we make an inseparable pair.  Love you Candy Girl <3

  14. Eric Eric

    Bunnies are NOT second-rate pets! I have had 4 lops (all rescue buns)over the last 13 years and each one was ABSOLUTELY unique and wonderful. Please RESCUE!!! There are so many orphans that need a family to love!

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